1. Only UNEP accredited organizations from the Business and Industry Major Group may participate in the elections.

2. An organization is entitled to cast 2 votes. If an organization chooses to vote then it must cast two votes and two votes only as all organizations will be represented by two MGFC Members and not one. You cannot give both votes to one individual. [The 2 votes cannot be cast for one candidate]. Casting 2 votes for the same candidate shall invalidate the vote.

3. Each organization may only vote once, giving 2 votes only. If an organization votes more than once, i.e. giving more than 2 votes, only the first 2 votes will be counted.

4. The voting individual MUST attach a letter on the organization letterhead nominating them to vote on the behalf of the organization during the voting process.

5. The candidates with the highest and the second highest overall number of votes shall become the new representatives of the Business and Industry Major Group in the UNEP Major Group Facilitating Committee.

6. The detailed profiles of the nominated candidates are available here

7. The full list of all accredited organizations is available here

NB: Personal data will not be shared