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15–17 Feb 2024
Ambassadori Kachreti
Europe/Samara timezone
Registration for the IFX.02 and RRML meeting is by invitation only and registration is now open!

Full-Scale Interregional Field Simulation Exercise (IFX.02)


This Full-Scale Interregional Field Simulation Exercise (IFX.02) represents the last phase of the WHO Simulation Exercise programme for Rapid Response Mobile Laboratories (RRMLs). Following the first Table-Top Exercise (TTX) in Berlin, Germany and IFX.01 in Istanbul, Türkiye, this field exercise, to be held from 15-17 February 2024, will bring together operational partners from all WHO regions to test RRML Minimum Operational Standards and a RRML recognition system for each area of RRML work.

A half-day RRML meeting will be held on 16 February 2024 as part of the IFX.02. The primary objective of the Meeting is to establish a global RRML Coordination Group (RRML-CG) tasked with shaping the developmental strategy for the RRML Initiative through 2030.

Meeting Objectives:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing development of the RRML Initiative and implementation of the RRML Framework.
  • Establish consensus on the vision, mission, goal, objectives, and values of the RRML Initiative identified during the Interregional Meeting (IRM) in Istanbul
  • Establish the constitutional group and governing architecture for the RRML Initiative.
  • Present and discuss first draft of the Terms of Reference for RRML CG.
  • Reach an agreement on the subsequent steps for the seamless integration of the RRML Initiative within the capacities of the Global Health Emergency Corps (GHEC).

 At the same time the consultation will provide the opportunity to observe RRML activities in the field and to get insight in the RRML recognition process.