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11–12 May 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

In order to support Member States to achieve the World Health Assembly endorsed 2030 target on eREC, WHO plans to launch a global initiative in 2023 titled ‘WHO SPECS 2030”. Through WHO SPECS 2030, WHO intends to:

  1. Develop the necessary technical products and guidance to facilitate health planners in strengthening the integration of vision screening and refractive error services within and beyond health systems;
  2. Provide a platform for stakeholders across all relevant programmes and sectors to promote united action and coordinated advocacy towards the achievement of the 2030 global target for refractive error;
  3. Engage in dialogue with the private sector to encourage meaningful contributions to national responses for sustainably scaling up the coverage of refractive error services; and
  4. Engage in policy dialogue with Member States to drive evidence-informed decision-making to accelerate progress and bridge the gap between the global eye care commitments and country implementation.

This consultation intends to bring together stakeholders from the United Nations Organizations, and representatives from relevant nongovernmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, and academic institutions.



  1. To obtain feedback from stakeholders on the proposed objectives, structure and actions of the WHO SPECS 2030 initiative;
  2. To discuss and outline the proposed next steps for the WHO SPECS 2030 initiative.



The meeting will be held in person at WHO headquarters in Geneva on the 11th and 12st of May 2023.

Registration for this event is currently open.