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8th Session of the Group of Experts on Renewable Energy 5 October (10.00) – 6 October (18.00) 2021 Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland and Online This 8th session of the Group of Experts on Renewable Energy will be delivered jointly with 17th session of the Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity Systems and will be part of the International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Energy Expert Week will feature a series of sessions on: • Increasing the renewable energy uptake • Integrating the renewable energy into energy system • Financing decarbonisation of energy system • Improving understanding about hydrogen potential • Attaining carbon neutrality • Digitalizing energy system • Circular economy and material supply chains • Managing methane emissions
Palais des Nations (MAP HERE)
Geneva, Switzerland
Starts Oct 5, 2021 10:00
Ends Oct 6, 2021 13:00