The State of Qatar is a peninsula located amid the western coast of the Arabian Gulf.         

The peninsular is approximately 100km across and extends 200km into the Gulf. Qatar includes several islands, the largest of which are, Halul, Shraouh and Al-Asshat sharing its southern border with Saudi Arabia and a maritime border Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Government and population  


Qatar is a hereditary monarchy with a population of 2.5 million. 



Major Cities 

Doha (Capital), Al-wakrah, Al-khor, Dukhan, Al-Shamal, Msaieed, Ras Lafan and others  


Arabic is the official language of the country, though English is widely spoken 




Qatar has a desert climate with year-round sunshine, hot summers and mild winters. Monthly temperature ranges from 17 degrees Celsius in January to 36 degrees Celsius in July, sometimes reaching highs of 40+ degrees Celsius during the summer. Rain is infrequent, falling in brief showers in winter 

In October the weather is expected to be quite warm during the day and cool in the evening. Temperatures during this time of the year range between a maximum of 35 ºC and a minimum of 24 ºC 


Work week 

Sunday to Thursday 

Fridays and Saturdays are official days off  


The monetary unit in Qatar is the riyal (QR or QAR). The exchange rate is fixed at US$1 = QR3.64.   

ATMs can be found in many locations and most shops and restaurants accept major credit cards.  


Culture and dress code 

Qatar is a conservative country. Guests are expected to dress in a style that is sensitive to the Islamic culture.  Men generally wear long trousers and a shirt in public. Women's attire in public ought to cover the shoulders, upper arms, and knees.  

Seek permission before taking photographs of people and be cautious about taking photographs in public.  


 Touristic hotspots 

Qatar has many touristic characters with its natural reserves, historic forts, international resorts and five-star hotels, public parks, restaurants and malls.

Qatar is considered one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, where the tourist will be able to observe the generous hospitality which characterize the Arabic culture, a lot of interesting information for tourists are available on the website of Qatar Tourism

Authority . Example of tourist hotspots: Corniche (Doha’s Waterfront Promenade), Souq Wagif, Al Zubarah Fort, Khor Al-Udeid (Inland Sea), the Museum of Islamic Art. 


Date and venue   

 The 71st session of the Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean is scheduled   to take place from Monday to Thursday 14 - 17 October 2024.  

The session will take place at the Ritz Carlton, Doha

The hotel is around 17.5 km from the airport (24 mins drive) 


Member states delegates, advisers and representatives of other entities, that are unable to attend in person, will be able to follow the sessions and deliberations online on the WHO public website. Details for accessing the live streaming of the sessions will be shared in due course.  



Registration is a prerequisite for attending the sessions in person. All participants are kindly requested to register for the 71st session of the Regional Committee through the RC71 online registration system, no later than 15 August 2024.  

 Registrations will be confirmed via email.



Membership and attendance   

The Regional Committee consists of representatives, one from each country or territory of WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region.  

The Representatives may be accompanied by alternates and advisers (Rule 1 of the Rules of Procedure). 


The WHO Regional Director, in consultation with the Regional Committee, may invite States, not Members of the Committee, to participate without vote in the sessions of the Regional Committee. The Regional Director, in consultation with the Regional Committee, may also invite nongovernmental organizations to participate in the deliberations of the Committee (Rule 2 of the Rules of Procedure). 




Member States should communicate the names and designations of their representatives and all alternates and advisers to the WHO Regional Director no later than 15 August 2024. Such credentials will be issued by the Head of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Health, or any other appropriate authority (Rule 3 of the Rules of Procedures). To guarantee an approved registration, participants are kindly requested to upload a copy of the signed letter of credentials onto the registration system.  




The working languages of the Regional Committee are Arabic, English, and French. Statements made in any of these languages will be interpreted simultaneously in the other two languages.  


Written statements 


Written statements of no more than 600 words may be submitted for posting on the Regional Committee website under the related agenda item. Written statements should be sent in advance of the opening of the 71st session of the Regional Committee. They may be submitted in lieu of a live intervention or to complement a live intervention from a Member State.   

Please send written statements for posting to the WHO website to, indicating the name of the country delegation/entity in the subject line of the email.  


Agenda and other documents    


Official documentation for the session will be available in Arabic, English and French, and will be made available on the Regional Committee website in the month of September 2024 Documents will not be dispatched by post. Participants are kindly requested to consult the documents online. 


Eco-friendly meeting  

Organizers are committed to ensuring that the session of the Regional Committee will be environmentally friendly through its paperless initiative. It will seek to encourage people’s participation in physical activities, and to ensure healthy food options are available to participants.  


Submissions by delegations  

Delegations wishing to propose draft resolutions for circulation to the Regional Committee are requested to share them with the Secretariat at least two days before the proposal is discussed, to allow time for translation, reproduction in the working languages and circulation to delegations. 


Travel arrangements 

Delegates/participants are kindly requested to make their own travel arrangements for both outward and return journeys. 


Visa Arrangements 

Participants should obtain a visa/Entry permit to Qatar prior to their departure from their home country. Participants are kindly requested to fill in the relevant section on the RC71 registration form for visa requests. 



WHO cannot accept liability for personal accidents or loss of or damage to the private property of participants and accompanying persons, either during or indirectly arising from the RC participation. Participants should make their own arrangements with respect to health and travel insurance. 



The Regional committee will take place at the Ritz Carlton hotel, Doha, Qatar. It is recommended that all attendees reside at the same hotel.    

Participants are kindly requested to book their accommodation online by visiting the hotel website no later than 31 August 2024.  

All participants are kindly requested to settle their own hotel bills directly with the hotel.  



 Transportation will be provided upon arrival and departure, and for any official event held outside the hotel venue, noting that transportation will only be made available to and from the official venue of the Regional Committee, namely the Ritz Carlton hotel. 





The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, Qatar
The official venue of the RC71 is Ritz - Carlton Hotel located at:
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