A multifactor authentication link is now sent to users to verify identify upon log in. The link is valid only 20 mins. It may be clicked or copied and pasted into the url address bar of the browser.

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If you do not already have an account in Indico:

1. Use the Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers

2. Click on “Create”, fill out the account creation form. Then click on Confirm. (Please be aware that if your email address was already used to create an account this will prevent you from submitting the form again)

3. You will receive an email with an Activation link usually within a few minutes, but this could take also a couple of days. Should you not receive the activation link, please contact support.accreditation@un.org

4. Click on the activation link

5. Click on "register now"


If you already have an account in Indico:

Click on log in on the top right of the screen and then, click "register now"


More information can be found at the dedicated WHO events webpage: 

Global High-level Technical Meeting on NCD in Humanitarian Settings 2024

Registration for this event is currently open.