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5–6 Oct 2023 IN-PERSON
Habtoor Palace Hotel
Asia/Dubai timezone

With COP28 being hosted in Dubai and the recent Sendai Framework Midterm Review Political Declaration towards urban resilience where MCR2030 was mentioned explicitly as a tool for peer and city to city learning, Dubai Resilience Hub, UNDRR and MCR2030 will jointly work on amplifying the role of local government in enhancing cities’ resilience by convening this forum.

This forum presents a chance to bring together all Resilience Hubs, cities, partners and other stakeholders together to continue the conversation on the resilience of cities in the context of climate change and fast urbanisation.     

The forum will enable successful discussions and will develop a forward-thinking plan that contributes to city resilience in the face of climate change.

The key topics and themes of discussion will be as follow:

  • Risk governance and whole-of-society approach with the aim of reducing risk,
  • Cooperation with the private sector, technology providers and innovators to develop risk reduction solutions,
  • Investment in innovative urban solutions like land use research and low-cost technology,
  • Utilization of data and information on risk in enhancing cities’ resilience,
  • Investment in coherent DRR and climate action in urban local contexts,
  • Displacement and its pressure on the displaced communities and host communities and their linkages to climate change,
  • Resilient urban systems and access to basic urban infrastructure in vulnerable cities and communities.


Habtoor Palace Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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