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At the fifth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-5.2), Resolution 5/7 requested the Executive Director to seek views from Member States and other stakeholders on priorities for further work, building on existing measures and initiatives, and on potential further international action on the issues discussed in the Assessment Report on Issues of Concern. The resolution also requests for the preparation of a summary analysis, taking into account the views received.

As part of a broader consultation process (read more here), UNEP has launched a call of written inputs and is hosting this global consultation on issues of concern looking at the 19 issues of Concern discussed in the Assessment Report on Issues of Concern. Eleven of these are issues with emerging evidence of risks were identified by the Global Chemicals Outlook II, and 8 are the emerging policy issues and other issues of concern identified under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management.

This meeting will take place online and in person at the Palais des Nations in Geneva Switzerland.

Please register here for in person / on site participation. Please note, only applications from pre-registered participants will be considered.

Details for online participation will be made available at a later date.


Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Room V