Introduction and background

The world is off track to meet the 2030 health-related SDGs. There are significant data gaps and capacities for tracking progress towards SDG targets and supporting communities left behind. Fragmented approaches to collecting, storing, sharing, analysing and using data for health outcomes is challenging progress. Building on the 2021 Health Data Governance Summit and summit statement, Health Data Collaborative (HDC) partners will co-host an event on 18 and 19 May 2023 to promote health data as a global good by (a) identifying and promoting good country data governance practices;
and (b) promoting investment in Health Information Systems (HIS) guided by the SCORE for Health Data Technical Package (SCORE). It will consider SCORE as an overall approach to investment, especially in Least Developed Countries over the next two years. The necessary advocacy steps will be sought to promote good data governance practices and investment in HIS. Urgent attention is needed to promote data as global public good and sufficient investment in country HIS.

Meeting objectives and outcomes

1. Review data governance principles, policies and good practices from countries and partner organisations; and
2. Discuss and propose an investment strategy for strengthening country HIS.

The expected outcomes of this meeting will include documentation of governance practices and gaps for health data and opportunities to leverage good practices, and better alignment with partners on proposing strategic investment case for strengthening country HIS.

Château de Penthes, Geneva, Switzerland