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108th sessionIN-PERSON

Room PWG (Palais Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland)

Room PWG

Palais Wilson


The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination will examine the reports of the six States parties during its 108th Session, which will take place from 14 November -2 December 2022 at Palais Wilson, Ground Floor, Conference Hall, Geneva:

  • Bahrain (CERD/C/BHR/8-14)
  • Brazil (CERD/C/BRA/18-20)
  • Botswana (CERD/C/BWA/17-22)
  • France (CERD/C/FRA/22-23)
  • Georgia (CERD/C/GEO/9-10)
  • Jamaica (CERD/C/JAM/21-24)


CERD-108th Session
CERD Secretariat