This seminar will provide an overview of IOM’s stance on Islamic Philanthropy through an engaging presentation of the future IOM Muslim Alms Administration System. This initiative, based on extensive research, would allow the Organization to collect and distribute Zakat, Sadaqah and other forms of Muslim alms, in full compliance with Islamic law and IOM’s internal rules and regulations. The system, which is expected to be operational by December 2020, will allow the IOM to make greater contributions to the efforts of governments and communities to reduce poverty and hunger, prepare and rapidly respond to disasters, rebuild works through the provision of direct assistance to migrants, internally displaced persons, refugees, victims of trafficking, and other vulnerable communities like women, children and persons with disabilities. Additionally, these efforts will catalyse the implementation of relief and development projects to alleviate the suffering of these groups and improve their well-being.
Beirut, Lebanon
Starts Dec 1, 2021 15:00
Ends Dec 1, 2021 18:00