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Economic & Social Affairs
2-6 June 2020
Portugal timezone
Preparation meeting for the 2020 UN Ocean Conference - Registration page - ECOSOC Accreditated NGOs only

Portugal and Kenya, as Co-Hosts of the UN Ocean Conference, would like to inform Member States and all stakeholders that consultations with the United Nations are ongoing with a view to postponing the 2020 United Nations Ocean Conference to a later date, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Updates on this will be made available as soon as possible.

As a result, pre-registration of representatives from accredited non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions, the scientific community, the private sector and philanthropic organizations to the 2020 UN Ocean Conference is currently suspended.

Updated information will be posted on this website once available.

ONLY ECOSOC accredited organizations should use this form to pre-register to attend the 2020 UN Ocean Conference.

All interested participants MUST pre-register in order to be able to access the 2020 UN Ocean Conference

Please, read carefully before starting the process as using the wrong form may lead to the rejection of your registration.

Each organization will be allowed to register up to 5 (five) participants.

The minimum age to attend the 2020 UN Ocean Conference is 18 years old.

Registration by individuals not representing eligible organizations will not be accepted.

INDICO event focal points from each ECOSOC accredited organization must directly approve/reject pre-registrations.

ECOSOC accredited organizations whose statuses have been suspended by the UN NGO Committee will not be allowed to request registration to the 2020 UN Ocean Conference, irrespective of previous accreditation to past UN Conferences.

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