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31 August 2020 to 20 February 2021
United Nations Regional Service Centre
Africa/Nairobi timezone



The UN Office of Information & Communications Technology (OICT) and the UN Signals Academy informs that the 7th Women’s Outreach Course (WOC#7) scheduled to take place  in Entebbe, Uganda has been put on-hold until further notice.

We are disappointed to be delaying this important training event with UN Peacekeeping Troop & Police contributing countries (T/PCCs) but given the current global situation related to COVID-19 pandemic and its potential further developments and impacts, everyone’s safety and well-being is of utmost importance and is our main priority at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and further details regarding the WOC#7 will be directly communicated to UN Permanent Missions with registered candidates.

The UN Office of Information & Communications Technology and the UN Signals Academy takes this opportunity to commend Member States commitment and support to Peacekeeping training and operations, and we are looking forward to your participation to the UN Signals Academy programme and training events in the future.

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The Operations Support Division (OSD) of the Office of Information and Communications Technology Division (OICT) has the pleasure to refer to Note Verbale DFS/ICTD/206/0343 dated 17 May 2016 regarding the UN Signals Academy Women’s Outreach Course. We wish to inform Member States about the hosting of the upcoming 7th edition of this course (WOC#7), scheduled to take place from 01 to 12 June 2020 at the UN Signals Academy, Entebbe, Uganda. 

The WOC is a specialized training programme for female military signals and police Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specialists. The programme is a direct response to Security Council Resolution 2122 (2013), which encourages troop- and police- contributing countries to increase the percentage of women military and police in UN peacekeeping operations and address gender imbalance.

In this regard, Member States are encouraged to register female uniformed officers who will undergo the WOC in the Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System. Member States are highly encouraged to deploy the nominated officers in UN Peacekeeping within 18 months upon completion of the course.

The WOC#7 is two weeks in duration. It is aimed to prepare military staff officers to be deployed in UN peacekeeping operations as signals experts in a Force or Sector Headquarters (U6/G6/S6) and police officers as advisors to police commissioners on ICT matters.

The WOC#7 is limited to 24 participants. Selection of candidates will be completed in consultation with the Department of Peace Operations (Force Generation Service) considering Troop- and Police- contributing countries planned deployment to UN peacekeeping. Candidates who attended previous editions of the course cannot reapply.

The WOC#7 will be fully conducted in English language. 

Training content covers the necessary knowledge and skills relating to command, control, communications’ operations, planning systems as well as relevant UN policies, regulations and standard operating procedures required to provide participants with the background needed to prepare for deployment.

All costs associated with participating in the WOC#7 (airfare, accommodation and meals), will be sponsored by the United Nations, enabled by the generous donation of the Government of Japan.

Participants must have valid international health insurance coverage while attending the course. The provision of health insurance is a national responsibility.

Participants who do not arrive on the first day of the training for circumstances other than unforeseen flight delays will not be accepted later than the second day of the course. Costs associated with late arrival (airfare, accommodations and meals) will be the responsibility of the participant’s Member State.

The United Nations kindly invites the Permanent Missions to the UN to nominate and register qualified female candidates with the following minimum profile requirements:


- Female Information & Communications Technology officers

- Rank: Captain / Major / Lieutenant colonel

- Language: Fluency in English


- Female police Information & Communications Technology officers

- Rank: Assistant Superintendent and above

- Language: Fluency in English


Very respectfully.

United Nations Regional Service Centre, Entebbe, Uganda
Entebbe, Uganda



For more information please contact: Philippe Schifferling (, or Aaron David (, UN Signals Academy program management.