19 September 2024
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During the Seventy-ninth session of the Commission, ESCAP member States adopted Resolution 79/2 to accelerate ocean-based action to combat climate change including through capacity building, innovation, technology development and transfer, and requested the ESCAP secretariat to convene a dialogue on ocean-based climate action (OBCA) prior to the 2025 United Nations Ocean Conference.

In this connection, at the 6th Asia-Pacific Day for the Ocean held on 30 October 2023, the Government of Indonesia, as the sponsor of the resolution, expressed interest in promoting regional OBCA cooperation including through developing a regional voluntary initiative. The Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan adopted by the UNFCCC 27th COP in 2022 underscored the role of oceans in climate action, encouraging the inclusion of ocean-based action in national climate goals including but not limited to nationally determined contributions, long-term strategies and adaptation communications. The UNFCCC 28th COP, based on the first global stocktake which recognized the critical role of the ocean in achieving net zero emissions, called on scaling up ocean-based mitigation action such as preserving oceans and coastal ecosystems.

Under the auspices of the 80th Commission Session, a side event was held on 24 April 2024 to discuss the scope of the dialogue a regional OBCA initiative, co-hosted by the Governments of Indonesia, Maldives and Fiji, and ESCAP.

This regional dialogue will provide a platform for member States and key stakeholder groups to identify challenges and priorities in the region in relation to ocean-based climate action – with a focus on opportunities for regional cooperation. The dialogue will be co-hosted by the Governments of Indonesia, Maldives and Fiji and ESCAP in collaboration with UNEP and UNDP, under the framework of a joint contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. It will build on the annual discussions of the Asia-Pacific Day for the Ocean, organized by ESCAP and other partners since 2018.

The regional dialogue covers the following four thematic areas:
A. Protecting and enhancing blue carbon ecosystems
B. Decarbonizing shipping and maritime connectivity
C. Accelerating the deployment of ocean-based renewable energy
D. Enhancing ocean-climate resilience

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