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The WG 45 combines the efforts of a multidisciplinary group of experts to better understand the interactions of pollutants and climate change stressors to inform stockholders and decision-makers to better act towards the expected outcomes of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (a clean, healthy, productive, resilient, and predictable ocean) in consonance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD 14 - Life below water; SGD 2 - Zero hunger; SGD 6 Clean water and sanitation; SGD 13 - Climate action) of the 2030 agenda. The objectives of this WG are:

  • to critically review existing research on the effects of climate change (ocean physics and chemistry) on the speciation, toxicity, bioaccumulation, mobilization, and transport of pollutants in the ocean and coastal ecosystems identifying knowledge gaps;
  • to document the central role and global importance of climate change on the coastal and marine ecosystems' functions and services.
  • to make recommendations for future research directions on the effect of climate changes in the speciation, cycling, toxicity, transport, mobility, and bioavailability of diverse pollutants, including trace elements, radionuclides, organic pollutants, and nutrients.
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