Designing trade policies in food and agriculture that can address the trade-offs between economic, environmental and social objectives and strengthen the resilience of food systems to shocks is vital. To ensure that trade contributes to more sustainable food systems, trade policies should be based on evidence, consultation mechanisms with stakeholders and effective institutional capacities for implementation.

There is a growing body of analytical work examining how trade and trade policy influence diets and nutrition-related outcomes. However, as far as trade-offs with the environment are concerned, the effects of environment-related provisions (ERPs) in regional trade agreements (RTAs) on the sustainability dimensions of food production remain unclear, as empirical evidence is scarce despite the widespread use of such provisions.

FAO, with the support of the Federal Office of Agriculture of Switzerland, carried out analysis under a project on ‘Trade and Sustainable Agrifood Systems’. This edition of FAO in Geneva Agriculture Trade Talks will present the project's results with two policy dialogues: Policy Dialogue I on ‘Contributing to sustainable agrifood systems through ERPs in RTAs’ and Policy Dialogue II on ‘Agrifood trade, trade policy and nutrition’.


Alwin Kopse, Head International Affairs and Food Systems, Federal Office for Agriculture, Switzerland

Dominique Burgeon, Director, FAO Liaison Office in Geneva

Policy Dialogue I ‘Contributing to sustainable agrifood systems through ERPs in RTAs’

Cosimo Avesani, Trade Policy Analyst, FAO

Edona Dervisholli, Economist, FAO

Elizabeth Schere, Law Consultant

Clara Brandi, Professor, IDOS

Policy Dialogue II ‘Agrifood trade, trade policy and nutrition’

Jakob Rauschendorfer, Doctoral Researcher, Sciences Po

José Solorzano, Trade Analyst, FAO

Kibrom Abay, Senior Economist, IFPRI


09:00-09:30: Coffee/tea + Croissant

09:30-09:35: Opening remarks by Alwin Kopse

09:35-10:20: Policy Dialogue I-Technical presentations

10:20-11:20: Policy Dialogue I-Country Experience and interactive discussion

11:20 - 11:35: Coffee Break

11 :35-12 :05: Policy Dialogue II-Technical presentations

12:05-12:50: Policy Dialogue II-Country Experience and interactive discussion

12:50-12:55: Concluding remarks by Dominique Burgeon

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Please ensure that you register by 13 November 2023 if you plan to attend the event in-person, to facilitate planning.


Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
H/2-207 - H.207