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9–12 Oct 2023
UNESCAP Building
Asia/Bangkok timezone

The Global Conference on Electric Two and Three Wheelers is the first of its kind bringing together stakeholders from Asia, Africa and Latin America to discuss how these relatively new vehicle technologies can contribute to sustainable development.

Representatives from 11 Asian, 10 African, 4 Latin American countries and several international experts will convene in Bangkok from 9th – 12th October 2023 to exchange knowledge on the electrification of two and three wheelers in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

The conference will:

  • Showcase accomplishments from the German International Climate Initiative (BMU-IKI) electric two and three-wheeler projects in Africa and Southeast Asia, which will come to an end this year;
  • Discuss innovative business models in promoting electric two and three-wheelers experienced within European Union (EU) funded Solutions Plus Projects;
  • Engage with partners of Global Environmental Facility (GEF) funded national e-mobility projects to integrate lessons learnt in strategy, policy frameworks and standards development;
  • Present the work of private sector players in providing innovative solutions for electric two and three wheelers
  • Guide public sector actors in how to enable and regulate these vehicles to improve safety and inclusivity
  • Drive substantive discussions on the potential of electric two and three-wheelers to enhance affordability and accessibility
UNESCAP Building, Bangkok City, Thailand
Meeting Room A
The United Nations Building Rajadamnern Nok Avenue Bangkok 10200 Thailand