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The rapid adoption of digital technologies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically transformed the socio-economic fabric across the Asia-Pacific region. One of the most profound changes has been the acceleration in the shift toward a digital society, in the form of increased online work, education and socializing. This systemic change has highlighted the crucial position and importance of digital connectivity and digital transformation and laid bare the longstanding inequalities that have become increasingly intensified.

To quickly adapt to changing environments and new demands, the Asia Pacific Information Superhighway Steering Committee at its fifth session (APIS SC-5), adopted the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Action Plan 2022-2026 (APIS Action Plan 2022-2026) in November 2021, which was endorsed by the ESCAP Committee on ICT and STI at its fourth session in September 2022. The member States also endorsed the APIS Action Plan 2022-2026 through the adoption of the ESCAP resolution 79/10 “Promoting digital cooperation and inclusion through the Action Plan for Implementing the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Initiative, 2022–2026.

In this context, the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia is committed to hosting the Seventh session of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway  Steering Committee (APIS SC-7) on 8-9 November 2023, in Yerevan, Armenia. The Seventh session of the APIS Steering Committee will provide member States with a valuable opportunity to (1) review the progress and achievements of the APIS Action Plan 2022-2026; (2) to discuss major digital trends and share good practices on digital development as well as regional/national initiatives and programmes in the Asia Pacific region; (3) to strengthen cooperative actions and partnerships among member States, regional organizations and UN agencies.  

The key outcomes of the event will be presented to member States at the 80th Session of the ESCAP Commission in April 2024 and provided as important inputs to the development of the Commission Theme Paper entitled “Digital Innovation for SDGs”. In addition, the outcomes are also presented to the member States of the next Asia-Pacific Digital Ministerial Conference 2024 in Kazakhstan.


Congress Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia
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