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There is an increasing recognition that to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), action-oriented data that can be implemented and measured at the local and regional level is needed. Local knowledge is crucial to designing policy responses that are effective, equitable, contextually and culturally appropriate. A greater emphasis on local knowledge is also important to question the design of indicators against global standards, which risk over shadowing the contextual and complex nature of sustainable development.

This workshop will explore how the localization of data can enable us to embrace the complexity of sustainable development and accelerate action on SDG-implementation through locally designed policies and initiatives. As part of the series of events launched under the Geneva SDG Data forum in 2022 in collaboration with the Geneva Graduate Institute and Deloitte, the workshop brings together diverse stakeholders to discuss practices and challenges related to data governance at the local level, including topics of power structures and contextualized sustainability; citizen-generated data and community-level indicators; frontier indicators of development and how to mainstream them from the margin to the center of the sustainability narrative.


  • Özge Aydogan, Director, SDG Lab at UN Geneva.
  • Johannes Jutting, Paris21.
  • Shantosh Shrestha, Leave-No One Behind Partnership.


  • Corina Demottaz, JIPS
  • Kyle Wiebe, International Institute for Sustainable Development.
  • Davide Fanciulli, SDG Lab.

The workshop will be in person, at the UN Library, Palais des Nations, Geneva.

Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
B/01-135 - B-1-135 - Library