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17–22 Apr 2023
Intercontinental Hotel
Europe/Zurich timezone

Participant List

16 participants

First Name Last Name Email Address Phone Number Position
Chau Minh Lai chau@healthbridge.org.vn 84982585010 Project Officer, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada, Vietnam Office
Hai Phan Thi haivinacosh@yahoo.com 942516688 Vice Director of Vietnam Tobacco Control Fund Operational Office
Hoai Thu Thi Ninh ninhhoaithu@yahoo.com Officer of Finance – Planning Dept, Ministry of Health of Vietnam
Huong Giang Thi Nguyen giangsand109@gmail.com +84988176664 Specialist in Social Affairs, Office of the National Assembly
Lam Tuan Nguyen nguyentuanl@who.int Technical Oficer, WHO Country Office, Viet Nam
Minh Hien Thi Pham phamminhhientct@gmail.com 84913085577 Deputy Director, Policy Department, General Department of Taxation
Nguyen Hanh Nguyen nguyen@healthbridge.org.vn 84936885576 Project Manager, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada, Vietnam Office
Phuong Nhung Thi Tran tranthiphuongnhungvpcp@gmail.com 840915491270 Specialist in Law Department, Government Office
Son The Dao daotheson@gmail.com Deputy Director, Center for Economics and Community Development
Tan Minh Nguyen tannm@quochoi.vn Deputy Director of Finance and Budget Department, Office of the National Assembly
Thanh Hang Thi Nguyen nguyenthanhhang@mof.gov.vn 84912396828 Deputy Director General, Tax Policy Dept., Ministry of Finance of Viet Nam
Thi Le Na Nguyen nguyenthilena@mof.gov.vn 84389925262 Specialist in Tax Policy Department, Ministry of Finance of Vietnam
Thi Thuy Van Le lethithuyvan@mof.gov.vn +84983611733 Deputy Director General, National Institute for Finance, Ministry of Finance
Thi Tuyet Tran tranthituyet@mof.gov.vn 84983800818 Head of VAT-Excise Tax Division, Tax Policy Dept., Ministry of Finance of Vietnam
Thu Thi Le lthu@advocacyincubator.org +84912150248 Senior Policy Advisor, CTFK/GHAI Viet Nam
Yen Thanh Thi Nguyen yenthanh5188@gmail.com 0905675188 Specialist in Finance - Budget Department, National Assembly Office