7-9 December 2022
Movenpick Hotel
Europe/Zurich timezone

Background information:  

The EVD training package was developed and improved by frontline experts based on their experiences from recent epidemics in West Africa (2014-2016), in the Democratic Republic of Congo (2018-2020 and 2021), and Guinea (2021), and based on the WHO Optimized Supportive Care Manual on EVD. Thus, the development process has already gone through progressive review iterations by external experts with field experience and knowledge on innovations in EVD patient care. For instance, an in-depth content revision meeting was organized in Geneva in May 2021 which strengthened the content of the modules and the structure of the training and facilitated the development of additional assessment and simulation tools. These changes were piloted in workshops in Kinshasa and Kampala in August 2022.

At this critical point, the role of high caliber experts such as yourselves is to perform a summative review of the training package according to reviewers area of expertise. This will help to finalize the training package and facilitate the future rollout of this critical and advanced training workshop in Ebola affected and potentially affected countries.

General Objective:.

The main objective of our Working Group is to review the content and structure of EVD advanced training package. Which will include the review of training modules, a toolkit, clinical cases, training assessments, a facilitator's manual, and simulation exercises among other documents.


Expected outcomes:

Produce the ready-to-use format of the content and rollout of the various materials of the EVD training package, to be submitted to the design and editing process, in particular

  • The training modules
  • The toolkit
  • The clinical cases
  • The training assessments
  • A facilitator's manual, and the simulation exercises
Movenpick Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland
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