This two-day meeting will bring together representatives of the GNACTA’s participant agencies, other UN agencies, NGOs operating in the sector of health system’s strengthening and anti-corruption and academia to:

  • Define the vision for GNACTA’s work for 2023-2028,
  • Present the work of GNACTA to date and find common points of entry and cooperation for the network’s members,
  • Agree on next priority steps in addressing the challenge of health system corruption;
  • Establish CoP for anti-corruption, transparency and accountability on the regional and country levels with the participation of the UN, external agencies, NGOs, academia and external experts,

Define the attributes of health system corruption through discussion and input of key stakeholders from the sector.

WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
Marriott Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland Chemin Du Ruisseau 1 · 1217 Geneva
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