The objectives of this workshop are the following:

  • Illustrate how TIR can apply in intermodal transport and highlight the benefits from this application for the market and customs authorities;
  • Present several cases studies and different complex scenarios of intermodal transport highlighting how the TIR system and especially its electronic version, eTIR, could further facilitate and enhance intermodal transport while eliminating waiting time at the borders;
  • List the operational challenges that many stakeholders dealing with intermodal transport such as freight forwarders, logistics centers, intermodal terminals, customs authorities , trucking industry, postal services etc are facing while operating and try to address them with the use of the TIR system and the eTIR international system;
  • List the new possibilities that the eTIR international system brought to the TIR system by describing how intermodal transport could be performed in the digital world highlighting the benefits that brings;