12–16 Sept 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

Workshop objectives

The five-day workshop will

  1. Review work to date on a strategic framework for the 3YS
  2. Examine global standards and benchmarks and propose a set of benchmarks for PRSEAH for WHO
  3. Revise the first draft of a new WHO policy on preventing and responding to policy on sexual misconduct and review the end-to-end process for managing SEAH incidents
  4. Meet with WHO accountability departments (IOS, CRE, HRT, LEG, DGO, BOS) and other senior WHE officials and teams to consolidate understanding of an organization-wide approach to PRSEAH
  5. Agree on learning pathways for different target audiences (internal and partners)  
WHO, Geneva, Switzerland

A blend of methodologies will be used for this workshop with an emphasis on participatory approaches. Some of the activities will include: brainstorming, presentation-discussion, small-group work, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, case studies and show & tell.

Registration for this event is currently open.