10 November 2022
Intercontinental COEX
Asia/Seoul timezone

Through the ESCAP resolution 78/1 on “Bangkok Declaration Commemorating the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific: a Common Agenda to Advance Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific” adopted in May 2022, member States committed to improve digital cooperation at all levels, including the ministerial level, in closing the digital connectivity divide, ensuring digital skills training, strengthening digital connectivity, addressing digital trust and security, and promoting an inclusive digital economy and society.

The First Asia-Pacific Digital Ministerial Conference 2022 will serve a prime opportunity to discuss the status, challenges and pathways to advance digital transformation and strengthen regional digital cooperation. The Ministerial Conference will also consider the adoption of the Seoul Declaration (tentative title) and the endorsement of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Action Plan 2022-2026, as part of the pathways to advancing digital transformation in the region.

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