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Office of Executive Secretary

Ahead of COP27, the UN system, leveraging its convening power, network of experts and influencers at regional levels, will partner with the incoming Egyptian Presidency of COP27 and the UN High Level Champions for Climate Action to organise a series of five regional forums on “Towards COP27: Regional Forums on Climate Initiatives to Accelerate Climate Action and Advance the SDGs” bringing together key stakeholders from public and private sectors, to catalyse additional investment in climate mitigation and adaptation in line with the SDGs. Participants, including public and private financial institutions and countries, initiatives and organisations preparing projects will work together to identify and address financing bottlenecks, to showcase and learn from success stories of climate investment and share investment-ready climate initiatives in Member States to spur further investment.

Against this backdrop, the Asia Pacific Forum, as part of five regional fora, helps to identify the triggers to support systemic change in how countries raise capital and direct investments towards climate action through different channels. Organised in connection with the ESCAP Sustainable Business Forum and the ESCAP Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration Ministerial, the Roundtable will bring together key stakeholders from public and private sectors with a focus on climate finance and investments.

In particular, it will showcase the success stories of private sector investments in climate areas and identify investment-ready climate initiatives in the region including those in the Nationally Determined Contributions of the Asia Pacific countries. The discussions will focus on implementation and delivery, helping identify major climate finance opportunities and catalyzing finance and investment for implementation.

All invitees are requested to register online as soon as possible but no later than Monday, 15 August 2022 (23:59 hours Bangkok time). Only the names of registered participants will be included in the list of participants.

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