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25 September 2023 to 13 October 2023
Palais Wilson
Europe/Zurich timezone

Participation information


All observers, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and national human rights institutions (NHRIs), wishing to attend in-person public meetings of CESCR 74th Session are required to be duly registered. Please be aware that registration will depend of the number of seats available in the conference room at the requested day.

Public briefings and informal lunchtime meetings

Please click on the Informative note on participation from Civil society and National Human Rights Institutions to have more information.

Institutions and organizations that have submitted reports to the Committee may deliver a statement at a informal briefing dedicated to partners. The accommodation of requests for informal briefings (during sessions only) will depend on the availability of the Committee members.

Please inform, through the CESCR’s online submissions system, about intentions to participate at the proposed informal briefings at the time of submission of parallel reports, with relevant contacts.

Institutions and organizations that have submitted information on a given country (deadline 28 August 2023) are encouraged to coordinate among themselves for the preparation of informal briefings. For that purpose, mention of contact information on the online platform and in submissions is useful. This will be used for further contacts to coordinate any briefings.

For any confidential request, please send an email to CESCR Secretariat ohchr-cescr@un.org


For any group participation, please send a request to the secretariat of the Committee in order to have the approval of registration that will depend of the number of seats available in the conference room at the requested day.


As the meeting is public, the committee members and the members of the delegation can be filmed. However, if you wish to film anyone apart from the Committee Members, you must get their personal consent, by following accepted journalistic practice.

Media accreditation

Journalists(s) and photographer(s) can obtain the accreditation via below link: https://www.ungeneva.org/en/practical-information/journalists