UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now – Stiftung Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima, Germany: Climate Week NYC 2021 Joint Event

The voluntary carbon markets have an enormous untapped potential to support climate action and sustainable development. As the climate emergency accelerates, using this tool, in addition to others, becomes even more urgent.

Climate action by the private sector is indispensable. Even when the response by the private sector has been growing in recent years, more can and must be done. The business case for climate action is clear: business cannot succeed in a society that fails. In addition, action on climate builds brand value, trust of customers, employee engagement and many other benefits for the company.

The voluntary carbon markets represent an opportunity for companies to do more on the response to climate change, to engage with their stakeholders, to strenghten their climate action/sustainability strategies, and to show leadership. 

This event aims to encourage private sector companies to participate in the voluntary carbon markets by sharing the rationale and benefits that participants in Climate Neutral Now and the Development and Climate Alliance have identified.


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