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21 Jul 2021

Indico.UN V2.5.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.5.0) has been released on 21st of July at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Flatlist speed optimization (IND2-1328)
  • Search engine speed optimisation (IND2-1327)
  • LoP generation, performance optimization (IND2-1435)
  • Show Status column by default (IND2-1509)
  • Disable email notification on data modification, by default (IND2-1588)
  • disable links to registration form area (IND2-1573)
  • Add Subject field to email templates (IND2-1598)
  • Add registrant_title placeholder for email template (IND2-1596)
  • Add Boltd font in badge design interface (IND2-1437)
  • Set default badge template in the print badge form for users who has the permission to chose (IND2-1567)
  • Aggregated List of Participants (IND2-1566)
  • Render QR code email sent to the participant (IND2-1393)
  • BUGFIX - Notification sender email address (IND2-1581)
  • BUGFIX - Search function render hidden events (IND2-1549)
  • BUGFIX - Registration modification triggers the pending e-mail notification. (IND2-1341)
  • BUGFIX - Tagging function non working for V1 events (IND2-1251)
  • BUGFIX - cannot change dates on survey (IND2-1333)
  • BUGFIX - Error removal event (V1) (IND2-1591)
  • BUGFIX - Registrant list columns shuffle (IND2-1577)
  • BUGFIX - Use of rank to the aggregated registrant list (IND2-1555)
  • BUGFIX - Issues with the registrant picture at the registrant list (IND2-1311)
  • BUGFIX - NGO quota limit can be exceeded (IND2-1563)
  • BUGFIX - Show country names instead of alpha 2 in the registrant list (IND2-1512)
  • BUGFIX - Conf manager can't access badge preview (IND2-1584)
  • AAM:
    • Custom email templates on rejection for UNHQ Delegates. (IND2-1495)
    • French version. (IND2-1491)
    • Long-term accreditation - Renewal request. (IND2-1487)
    • Custom email templates on approval. (IND2-1485)
    • Second feedback from UNHQ Media (IND2-1570)