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6 Mar 2024

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.10

Indico.UN has been successfully upgraded to version v3.10 today. This second release of 2024 focuses on resolving issues of the current version as we gear to launch a new version with an updated Indico Core version.


  • IND2-3161 Automatic trigger of CCURE sync
  • IND2-3065 Add field BadgeAttributes.layers_visibility
  • IND2-3162 Remove import of all models from migration
  • IND2-3145 Allow to cancel printing (CCURE/API)
  • IND2-3097 Fix incorrect log call in the Zoom plugin
  • IND2-2832 Fix default data for the ESB

HotFixes > v3.9.0

  • IND2-3151 Fix CCURE SFTP data exchange
  • Fix user information changed on the new temporary accreditation request
  • Fix regex filters in dataTables
  • Add a reset filters button to the registration list
  • Fix Registration and Accreditation excel export