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7 Feb 2024

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.9

Indico.UN has been successfully upgraded to version v3.9 today. This first release of 2024 focuses on completing the transition to the new registration list. The release entirely decommissions the old registration list and addresses all fixes and improvements requested by its early adopters. The system has also received improvements in the badge designer, access authorization module as well as its integrations with CCURE and gMeets. Check below the complete list of changes.

Registration list:

  • Completely removed the old registration list from the system (IND2-2874)
  • Added partial selection across pages (IND2-3004)
  • Added regex filtering (IND2-2776)
  • Fixed requesting reason not being asked when trying to reprint badge (IND2-3021)
  • Fixed multiple pagination issues (IND2-3086)

Badge designer:

  • Added "end validity date" element to badge designer (IND2-3055)
  • Added the possibility to adjust colored band height via "Badge Attributes" (IND2-3056)

Access Authorization Module:

  • Set work samples links to empty on accreditation renewals (IND2-3096)
  • Fixed SHP and FIPOI Contractor accreditation forms
  • Fixed disabled fields on accreditation renewals

CCURE integration:

  • Increased badge print counter when printing via CCURE (IND2-3093)
  • Removed printed/synced tags when sending badges to re-sync/print (IND2-3084)
  • Renamed /api/ccure to /api/security (IND2-3092)
  • Fixed CCURE not being configurable at event level if not enabled at the event location (IND2-3134)
  • Fixed error when communicating with CCURE ESB (IND2-3133)

gMeets integration:

  • Allowed disabling gMeets sync in categories (IND2-3088)
  • Fixed missing timetable entries when conflicting with manually created ones (IND2-3083)
  • Fixed cancelled sessions on gMeets not disappearing on Indico (IND2-3112)

Other improvements:

  • Added string length validation on representation type management area (IND2-2058)
  • Properly handled invalid input on custom date fields (IND2-2671)
  • Updated French translations