6 Dec 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.8

Indico.UN has been upgraded to the latest version v3.8. This one focuses again on internal improvements of CCURE integration as well as fixes for the new registration list. The old registration list is available for one last release and it will be finally decommissioned on the next version. Check below the full list improvements and fixes that come with this release.

CCURE integration:

  • Changed button label on print dialog (IND2-3070)
  • Improved tag management for resending (IND2-3061)
  • Printed badge via middleware API (IND2-2989)
  • Allowed to send data to CCURE from registration details page (IND2-2991)
  • Added unique constrants to Badge (IND2-3047)
  • Made CCURE instance required for locations configured with ESB transfer mode (IND2-3059)

Registration list:

  • Fixed picture sizes in registration list (IND2-2949)
  • Fixed loading spinner in server-side reglist (IND2-3072)
  • Fixed wrapping in server-side reglist columns (IND2-3073)
  • Other small fixes.

gMeets integration:

  • Run gMeets sync only for selected clients (IND2-2922)
  • Enabled gMeets sync for UNESCO (IND2-2912)

Other fixes:

  • Updated permission to view registration attachments