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2 Nov 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.7

Indico.UN is now in its latest release v3.7. This version focuses on internal improvements that enable more flexible integration of CCURE and other access control platforms with registration badges in Indico.UN. Besides this, this version brings a few improvements and fixes to the new registration list. The old registration list is still available but will be decommissioned as soon as all remaining issues with the new registration list are addressed. That will hopefully happen in the next release after having delayed a few releases already. Check below the full list improvements and fixes that come with this release.

CCURE integration:

  • Added API as exchange mode for CCURE instances (IND2-2958)
  • Enabled registration badge sync via CCURE API (IND2-2990)
  • Improved setting registration badge tags via CCURE API (IND2-2993)
  • Increased granularity of changed_since parameter in CCURE API (IND2-2994)
  • Added support for CCURE badge ID in QR code scanning/lookup (IND2-2959)
  • Fixed CCURE badge update failing for registrations without picture
  • Fixed date format in CCURE XML export for UNOG (IND2-2987)

Registration badges:

  • Displayed badge tags for registrations (IND2-2978)
  • Added initial list of built-in tags on badge creation (IND2-2997)
  • Improved badge filtering by tags via API (IND2-2996)

Registration list:

  • Improved display of registration tags (IND2-3005)
  • Improved interface of the column configuration dialog (IND2-2892)
  • Ensured that the horizontal scrollbar remains visible (IND2-2929)
  • Fixed dropdown elements appear covered by other UI elements (IND2-2944)
  • Fixed Excel import for registration forms with mandatory file fields (IND2-3027)

Room booking:

  • Enabled the room booking module from a small group of selected users (IND2-2982)

Other fixes:

  • Fixed sorting of country names containing accents (IND2-3002)
  • Fixed multiple permission issues in the event abstracts module (IND2-2835)
  • Fixed invisible events appearing in search results (IND2-2946)
  • Fixed reason for registration badge re-print not being logged (IND2-3026)
  • Fixed registration sessions section title not being saved (IND2-2986)
  • Fixed registration picture not displaying on check-in page for some users (IND2-3000)