A clickable multi-factor authentication link, valid for 20 minutes, is sent to users via email to verify identify upon log in.


6 Sep 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.5

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.5. This version focuses on making the new registration list the default one, implementing all missing functionality from the old one. It is still possible to access the old registration list but it is planned to entirely retire it in the next release. Check below other improvements and fixes coming in this release.

New registration list:

  • Made new server-side registration list the default (IND2-2825)
  • Moved CCure XML export to server-side registration list (IND2-2837)
  • Implemented select-all functionality (IND2-2820)
  • Reactivated filters on filter switch activation (IND2-2803)
  • Displayed registration access dates on all registration states (IND2-2815)
  • Prevented removing checkbox column in column configuration (IND2-2891)
  • Prevented column sorting on checkbox column (IND2-2866)
  • Fixed warning on registration form disabled fields (IND2-2890)
  • Fixed broken rendering of registrations with no Indico user (IND2-2805)
  • Fixed selection being lost after actions (IND2-2889)
  • Fixed column order being lost on reload


  • Disabled MFA for OAuth workflows (IND2-2789)
  • Prevented local account logins with disabled email patterns (IND2-2851)

Access authorizations:

  • Improved badge logging for accreditations (IND2-2727)
  • Updated accreditation email when user primary email is changed (IND2-2904)
  • Updated description for emergency contact full name field (IND2-2910)
  • Fixed accreditation without `is_allowed_access` attribute (IND2-2904)
  • Fixed badge templates (IND2-2820)

CCure integration:

  • Implemented CCure API endpoints (IND2-2719)
  • Dropped the logging of CCure XML (IND2-2727)
  • Introduced registration badge model (IND2-2727)

gMeets synchronization:

  • Venues are now created and updated via gMeets sync (IND2-2766)

Other fixes:

  • Fixed Excel import date validator on integer (IND2-2861)
  • Fixed exception on kiosk upload (IND2-2853)
  • Fixed and tested registrations export API