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3 Aug 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.4

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.4. This version focuses on improvements to the new registration list, planned to be made the default one in the next release. Check below other improvements and fixes coming in this release.

New registration list:

  • Added session blocks column to registration list (IND2-2777)
  • Improved server-side registration list UX (IND2-2772)
  • Improved rendering of picture thumbnails (IND2-2812)
  • Standardized server-side list date formats (IND2-2774)
  • Split reset columns and filters in registration list (IND2-2803)
  • Preserved selection after action in registration list (IND2-2821)
  • Fixed column heights in reglist when filters are enabled (IND2-2804)
  • Prevented registration list cells from wrapping (IND2-2806)
  • Disabled filtering for extra picture fields (IND2-2813)
  • Removed animation when hiding registration list filters (IND2-2807)
  • Renamed the links to add a new registration (IND2-2773)

Registration management:

  • Fixed notification text on registration status reset (IND2-2754)
  • Fixed condition to attach digital badge to emails (IND2-2831)

Access auhorization module:

  • Fixed media accreditation link in new forms (IND2-2370)

Category management:

  • Allowed cloning designer templates into another category (IND2-2129)
  • Made organizational unit fields mandatory under certain conditions (IND2-2328)

Event management:

  • Reset location details when changing arrangement type (IND2-2778)
  • Fixed saving event series form without changes (IND2-2793)


  • Hid Indico system user in search results (IND2-2860)
  • Restricted registration link to users with permission (IND2-2844)


  • Invalidated password reset links on password change (IND2-1694)
  • Warned users of session expiration (IND2-2738)

Home page:

  • Removed deprecated links from footer (IND2-1714)

CCure integration:

  • Allowed enabling CCure at location level (IND2-2817)

gMeets integration:

  • Handled cancelled sessions imported from gMeets (IND2-2829)

Zoom integration:

  • Implemented the server-to-server OAuth (IND2-2709)