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5 Jul 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.3

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.3. This version brings small functionality changes as well as bug fixes to the platform. Check below all the notable improvements in this latest iteration.

Functionality changes:

  • Implemented mechanism for MFA in local accounts (IND2-1787).
  • Re-enabled affiliation field in user profile (IND2-1967).
  • Allowed eMeets to sync from other locations (IND2-2748).
  • Hid room booking warning on event settings page (IND2-2755).
  • Disabled UN-specific roles from room booking for test purposes (IND2-2781).
  • Dynamically enable/disable CCure badges for UNOG (IND2-2795).
  • Registration list:
    • Added inline registration rank field to server-side registration list (IND2-2724)
    • Improved filtering boolean columns in server-side registration list (IND2-2770).
  • Access Authorization Module:
    • Added 'Event Search' button to media accreditation form (IND2-2370).
    • Added previous ground pass field to UNHQ media accreditation form (IND2-2542).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed user affiliation always being updated regardless of profile update switch in registration form.
  • Fixed unusual cache-related error on client-side registration list (IND2-2652).
  • Fixed default value for minimum picture size on location settings form (IND2-2706).
  • Fixed unhandled exception when uploading invalid CSS files (IND2-2753).
  • Fixed duplicate email issue when importing invitations (IND2-2759).
  • Fixed missing type parameter in search endpoint (IND2-2757)
  • Fixed switching from long-term to temporary accreditation (IND2-2765).
  • Fixed display size of registration pictures.
  • Improved handling of several exceptions.
  • Fixed typos here and there.