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10 May 2023

Indico.UN Version V3.1 released

A new version of Indico.UN (3.1) has been released on the 10th of May at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Email template: registration status change to pending (IND2-2661)
  • AAM
    • replicate buttons at the bottom of the registration form (IND2-2645)
    • remove GO to FORM when the office description is restricted (IND2-2646)
    • BUGFIX: Management files not getting copied to renewal accreditation (IND2-2574) 
    • BUGFIX: Changing the Ground pass number, changes the access date (IND2-2575 
  • Digital Badge
    • Email templates (IND2-2643)
    • Digital badge placeholder (IND2-2640)
    • location-based settings (IND2-2636)
    • Override "digital badge" settings at event level (IND2-2642)
    • Registration approval action backend change (IND2-2635)
    • PDF Paper format according to the preset size on the desiggner (IND2-2666)
    • Redirect the ticket.pdf url to digital-badge.pdf (IND2-2697)
    • Set the default digital badge at category and event level. (IND2-2665)
    • QRCode reading procedure change (IND2-2637)
    • Badge QRCode placeholder (IND2-2664)
    • CCURE integration change (IND2-2639)
    • Make CCure badge number field read-only (IND2-2696)
    • Decouple ticket URL placeholder from digital-badge placeholder (IND2-2686)
    • Make the badge preview available for pending participant (IND2-2306)
  • Minimum age on Date fields (IND2-2638)
  • Enhance error handling for Zoom Plugin (IND2-2680)
  • Add A7 page size to Badge printing and preview functions (IND2-2690)
  • Notification to UST on the mapping between categories and organizational units (IND2-2546)
  • Translation mechanism revamp for V3 (IND2-2617)
  • BUGFIX: Exception on registration-list "unbalanced parenthesis" (IND2-2544)
  • BUGFIX: AM: Badge type does not show all the values and have blanks. (IND2-2337)
  • BUGFIX: OUs - missing Principal Organ and Acronym (IND2-2558)
  • BUGFIX: User directed to password change screen after login v3 (IND2-2622)
  • BUGFIX: Emeets start data is None (IND2-2596)
  • BUGFIX: eMeets sync mrid rollbacks (IND2-2547)
  • BUGFIX: Failure of synchronization with gMeets (IND2-2633)
  • BUGFIX: Sending accreditation to CCURE bug fixes (IND2-2628)
  • BUGFIX: '_DataWrapper' object is not callable (IND2-2651)
  • BUGFIX: Suggesting a category on user dashboard (IND2-2595)
  • BUGFIX: Indico allows a registrant to be created without an account despite the Registrant must have an account button being activated (IND2-2381)
  • BUGFIX: Fix hiding of search favourites for users with no right (IND2-2694)
  • BUGFIX: HOTFIX: Band foreground color ineffective (IND2-2649)
  • BUGFIX: Log not tracking email sender (IND2-2668)
  • BUGFIX: Server side registrant list doesn't filter by registration tags (IND2-2634)
  • BUGFIX: Sessions information displaying incorrectly (IND2-2613)
  • BUGFIX: Issue with UmojaEvent accessing unknown attribute 'title' (IND2-2624)
  • BUGFIX: Restrict event logs section based on permission (IND2-2704)
  • BUGFIX: A pop up error message is displayed when a user press "Enter" (IND2-2713)
  • BUGFIX: Error in zoom plugin at the administration section (IND2-2693)
  • BUGFIX: Error creating zoom room (IND2-2616)
  • BUGFIX: Issue with string encoding in zoom settings page (IND2-2629)