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2 Nov 2022

Indico.UN V2.21.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.21) has been released on 2th of November at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • V1 to V2 data migration (IND2-2250)
  • Disabling the Live Synchronised version (IND2-2372)
  • Notify User Support about new organisation entities (IND2-2133)
  • AAM - default the accreditation validity date subordinated to the accreditation type (IND2-2366)
  • Add BCC option to the email sent to participant (IND2-2108)
  • Make the QR code email placeholder available in AAM email template UI (IND2-2418)
  • Make gMeets sync working without LSV (IND2-2411)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect Room-Venue for gMeets sync (IND2-2422)
  • BUGFIX: Registrations linked to deleted session blocks (IND2-2311)
  • BUGFIX: Invalid date data in registration prevents sending emails (IND2-2397)
  • BUGFIX: Registrant list not showing updated photo (IND2-2380)
  • BUGFIX: AttributeError while importing focal point Excel file (IND2-1137)
  • BUGFIX: Export to excel Server Side reglist (IND2-2405)
  • BUGFIX: Prevent Category manager to change the representation type schema (IND2-2429)
  • BUGFIX: Unique constraint while importing invitations if the user is already invited (IND2-2392)
  • BUGFIX: Displaying issues with Sessions in registrations list (IND2-2360)
  • BUGFIX: Impossible to clone events containing ACL entries associated with non-Indico users (IND2-2423)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when importing focal points via Excel (IND2-2396)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when mandatory column is missing in invitation Excel import (IND2-2394)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when importing empty Excel file (IND2-2395)