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5 Oct 2022

Indico.UN V2.20.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.20) has been released on 5th of October at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Expose the `Client sub-entity level 2` from ADB to Webservice (IND2-2373)
  • Update default email for DaS (IND2-2364)
  • Location widget - address field message (IND2-2144)
  • Show “Create conference” to category managers only (IND2-2356)
  • reply-to e-mail header (IND2-1010)
  • Implement the logical deletion for reptype lists (IND2-2350)
  • Improve Excel upload security (IND2-2339)
  • Registration-form based participant import "template" (IND2-2103)
  • Disable badge printing for legacy events (IND2-2349)
  • Add string length validation in organization name field in registration form representation type section (IND2-2189)
  • Add file size limit validation to file field in the registration form ahead of sending. (IND2-2123)
  • Access Authorisation Module:
    • Set ground pass field mandatory only for renewal (IND2-2243)
    • Make the default email sender in Email notifications configurable (IND2-2369)
    • Modification in the workflow for automatic renewal of LT accreditations (IND2-2313)
    • Re-submit the documents while applying for renewal (IND2-2242)
    • Add Approval date to Accreditation list (IND2-2155)
  • AAM: necessary changes for SHP, FIPOIS, UNOG Protocol onboarding (available from 16th October)
    • Create a static accreditation form for Permanent missions members' long term accreditations (IND2-2192)
    • Create a static accreditation form SHP contractors for temporary and long-term (IND2-2154)
    • Implement the Short URL feature for AAM (IND2-2261)
    • Allow SHP managers to create organizations and assign Organization Focal points (IND2-2153)
    • Allow organization Focal points to submit a long-term or short term accreditation request on behalf of contractors (IND2-2160)
  • BUGFIX: NGO list synchronization failure with esango.un.org (IND2-1403)
  • BUGFIX: Events coming from gMeets containing invalid characters make the synchronisation to fail (IND2-2152)
  • BUGFIX: Session names displayed in SessionsSection are incomplete (IND2-2359)
  • BUGFIX: Participant list templates referencing inexistent fields raises unhandled exception (IND2-2000)