7 Sep 2022

Indico.UN V2.19.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.19.0) has been released on the 7th of September at 12:30 PM (CET)

Release notes:

  • Remove the Palais des Nations map from the UN Event Pass on Indico for Version 1 events (IND2-2340)
  • Add the Umoja event code field as email placeholder (IND2-2205)
  • Configure badge printing margins and related settings to be saved at the Category level (IND2-2114)
  • Handle unhandled exceptions on the Zoom plugin for closed meetings (IND2-2269)
  • Umoja city synchronization (IND2-1845)
  • Indico.UN to send a new event title to Umoja when the event gets deleted (IND2-2233)
  • Add state/province information to cities for disambiguation (IND2-2324)
  • BUGFIX: Event closed indication is not shown on the event list inside a category (IND2-2246)
  • BUGFIX: Unexpected Exception when printing badge (IND2-2092)
  • BUGFIX: Some tickets are considered badges and trigger an unhandled exception when approving participants (IND2-2320)
  • BUGFIX: Arrangement type is not copied when cloning an event (IND2-2258)
  • BUGFIX: Exception "no row was found" when cloning Kiosk (IND2-2300)
  • BUGFIX: User with Zoom Manager role cannot create Zoom room (IND2-2293)
  • BUGFIX: remove trailing spaces on the email address to avoid duplicates at excel import (IND2-2316)
  • BUGFIX: Fix reptype validator at Excel import (IND2-2301)
  • BUGFIX: Excel import country fields don't link to the correct country (IND2-2305)
  • BUGFIX: Missing validation for badge type on registration Excel import (IND2-2252)
  • BUGFIX: The zoom plugin can't find the enterprise email address (IND2-2270)
  • BUGFIX: Excel import fails when date columns are interpreted as integer (IND2-2213)
  • BUGFIX: Skip NGO synchronization when DESA's website is not accessible (IND2-2351)