6 Jul 2022

Indico.UN V2.17.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.17) has been released on 6th of July at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • Rename Turkey to Türkiye (IND2-2227, IND2-2226)
  • Update events' arrangement type (IND2-2175)
  • Correct series numbers (IND2-2232)
  • Import new entity list in the Indico dataset (IND2-2196)
  • AM Align DB nationality sourcing fields (IND2-2206)
  • AM create the arrangement type field in ADB (IND2-2090)
  • AAM: Allow saving badge print settings (IND2-2212)
  • AAM: Change status to trigger notifications (CCURE_Printed, CCURE_Rejected) (IND2-2240)
  • Set reptype default badge on excel import if badge is empty (IND2-2117)
  • DAS documents get copied to materials when cloning registration form (IND2-2225)
  • API Integrate PMS into API registration call (IND2-1672)
  • API Improve Registration API (IND2-2032)
  • Periodic email to conference manager when the venue is missing in the conference setup (IND2-2229)
  • BUGFIX Links to Indico News are not displayed on home page (IND2-2203)
  • BUGFIX AM: Reporting permission to deleted category breaks the ETL process (IND2-2218)
  • BUGFIX ECOSOC sync fail (IND2-1961)
  • BUGFIX Not possible to get the ticket item from cached badge config (IND2-2219)
  • BUGFIX Scheduled NGO synchronization is failing to connect to (IND2-2151)
  • BUGFIX Unable to approve registration (IND2-2247)
  • BUGFIX Create-edit Restricted Zoom room error (IND2-2237)
  • BUGFIX Sessions/timetable created manually do not appear in correct order in registration form (IND2-2157)
  • BUGFIX The representation type lists are not displayed under the schema (IND2-2217)
  • BUGFIX Constraint violation when removing list linked to a reptype schema (IND2-2003)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception when printing accreditation badge (IND2-2211)
  • BUGFIX Can’t clone the event sessions when linked to gMeets (IND2-2221)
  • BUGFIX Template not found error when exporting to CCure (IND2-2220)
  • BUGFIX Focal points can add participants even before the registration form is opened (IND2-2159)
  • BUGFIX Unable to change the background image on V1 badge template (IND2-2241)