8 Jun 2022

Indico.UN V2.16.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.16) has been released on the 8th of June at 12:30 PM (Geneva time).

Release notes:

  • IND2-383 Implemented badge previewing
  • IND2-1534 Fixed sending non-approved registrations to CCURE
  • IND2-1850 Added new location widget to events, sessions, & contributions
  • IND2-1906 Created interfaces to sync events with Umoja
  • IND2-1906 Added interface to visualize organizational units hierarchy from Umoja
  • IND2-2006 Made update pass status button appear only to UNHQ
  • IND2-2017 Fixed user login error when the account was disabled in v1
  • IND2-2029 Restricted access to HTTP API to OAuth only
  • IND2-2054 Implemented CCURE badge number workflow
  • IND2-2054 Fixed sending registration to CCURE on ticket printing
  • IND2-2056 Added integration with Google Analytics
  • IND2-2057 Synced event arrangement type from gMeets
  • IND2-2060 Hide locations for users with no rights in the admin area
  • IND2-2083 Fixed QR code not rendered in pdf attachments
  • IND2-2197 Fixed excel import when email address column is missing
  • IND2-2146 Enabled syncing category managers from v1 to v2
  • IND2-2158 Added field to configure gMeets venue ID in locations
  • IND2-2180 Ensured that links are URLs in accreditation details
  • IND2-2187 Fixed check-in when registration that doesn't have a picture.
  • IND2-2187 Added default picture for accreditation on badges
  • IND2-2191 Fixed editing sessions section in registration form settings