4 May 2022

Indico.UN V2.15.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.15) has been released on the 4th of May at 12:30 PM (Geneva time).

Release notes:

  • IND2-838 Improved performance of permission checks 
  • IND2-1112 Exclude non-approved participants from LoP Draft
  • IND2-1453 Show correct managers for 'Events' parent category
  • IND2-1793 Allow the creation of restricted zoom rooms
  • IND2-1881 Assign global context roles together from PMS UI
  • IND2-1965 Import recurrent events with override option
  • IND2-2004 Change the filename for accreditation excel export
  • IND2-2006 Fix CCURE send and receive request method
  • IND2-2006 Get CCURE pass status update from ESB
  • IND2-2006 Update CCURE-ESB status mapping "system closed"
  • IND2-2028 Enable registrants to hide their participation
  • IND2-2028 Remove duplicate title column in participant list
  • IND2-2043 Fixes the logging message for checked-in & checked-out
  • IND2-2086 Fix and append timezone information to placeholders
  • IND2-2097 Allow multiple check-in and Check-out from check-in interface
  • IND2-2097 Check-in officer interface
  • IND2-2098 Add {registrant_birth_date} placeholder
  • IND2-2106 Enable check-out functionality
  • IND2-2106 Fix bugs with check-out log entries
  • IND2-2111 Limit access to user profile from the search engine
  • IND2-2124 Fix wrong eMeets log message
  • IND2-2125 Update the event series UI
  • IND2-2130 Fix error when revoking role assignment to groups
  • IND2-2131 Fix event without kiosk menu