13 Oct 2021

Indico.UN V2.8.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.8.0) has been released on 13th of October at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Prevent creation of conferences by non-authorized user (IND2-1731)
  • Update Indico contact link to the i-need form (IND2-1701)
  • Fix the production data (IND2-1753)
  • Refactor representation type form (IND2-1012)
  • Add "default" badge attributes for non-corresponding badge types (IND2-1772)
  • Issue Registration for (IND2-1748)
  • Reintroduce ecosoc dynamic list (IND2-1744)
  • Undo hardcoding UNAIDS Member States list (V1) (IND2-1742)
  • Add the entity represented to the ZOOM plugin (IND2-1710)
  • Add identification for recurrent events (IND2-1617)
  • BUGFIX The name of NGO organization does not appear in the suggestion list (IND2-1461)
  • BUGFIX Redirection to login page from PMS if no session.user (IND2-1775)
  • BUGFIX Disappearing sessions from an event synced with gMeets (IND2-1741)
  • BUGFIX Error creating Registrant in V2 (IND2-1736)
  • BUGFIX HOTFIX Registration modification link sent by email does not work (IND2-1726)
  • BUGFIX V1 events do not reflect correct location after move (IND2-1720)
  • BUGFIX Fix built-in validation UI not appearing in reptype form (IND2-1717)
  • BUGFIX The Full name fields does not include title of the person (IND2-1716)
  • BUGFIX Cross Site Request Forgery (CRSF) vulnerability (IND2-1704)
  • BUGFIX Last digits of the passport number is replaced by "000" in the Excel export (IND2-1781)
  • Aanalytical Module
    • Install the Analytical Module to Valencia infrastructure (IND2-1713)
    • Export report permissions to ADB (IND2-1755)
    • Improve the ADB populating script performance (IND2-1471)
    • Add CSV output to AWS (IND2-1771)
    • Update ADB (sub-entity level 2) (IND2-1746)
  • gMeets sync
    • gMeets sync with LSV (IND2-1536)
    • Setup a V1 and V2 combined gMeets sync script (IND2-1778)
    • Improve gMeets logs and option run (IND2-1776)