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Latest News

7 Apr 2021

indico.UN V2.3.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.3.0) has been released on 7th April at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • C-Cure integration step 2 (IND2-1330)
  • miss indicator on approval/rejection indicator on the registration history (IND2-1308)
  • NGO accredited indication (step 1) (IND2-1244)
  • Aggregated registrant list (IND2-954)
  • Improve LoP templating (IND2-1394)
  • Implementation of UNEP LoP (IND2-1324)
  • UNECE custom LoP (IND2-1322)
  • Custom List of Participants (LoP) for UNODC/SGB category. (IND2-1011)
  • BUGFIX Not possible to add secondary emails (IND2-1399)
  • BUGFIX Traceback accessing non-available self-registrations (IND2-1313)
  • BUGFIX registration history leads to 404 (IND2-1307)
  • BUGFIX Unable to sort LoP using the rank. (IND2-1304)
  • BUGFIX Recipients field shows incorrect e-mail addresses while sending bulk e-mails. (IND2-1252)
10 Mar 2021

Indico.UN V2.2.0 released

Indico.UN Version 2.2.0 has been released on 10th  March at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Delete users(IND2-1329)
  • Regilist optimization step 1(IND2-1315)
  • Add additional page size and format in the badge printing configuration. (IND2-1294)
  • User Profile merge(IND2-1287)
  • Change username when set primary email(IND2-1286)
  • RepTypelist for NGO for CEB (3rd Intersessional Meeting)(IND2-1256)
  • C-Cure integration step 1(IND2-1230)
  • Representation Type UI(IND2-579)
  • BUGFIX AttributeError 'Event' object has no attribute 'use_ccure' when approving registrants(IND2-1326)
  • BUGFIX HOTFIX Wrong value for "interprefy_username" (Interprefy link)(IND2-1325)
  • BUGFIX Wrong Interprefy link in some cases(IND2-1323)
  • BUGFIX Error report related to uploading picture(IND2-1299)
  • BUGFIX Can't Update Organisation for Registrars(IND2-1295)
  • BUGFIX Traceback registering event and update user profile(IND2-1282)
  • BUGFIX Registrations of users registered in V1 events don't appear in the search results(IND2-1210)
  • BUGFIX The registration list contains more users than the only one added to the event (V1)(IND2-1209)
  • BUGFIX Invalid salt(IND2-1208)
  • BUGFIX sending "Invitations" without "affiliation"(IND2-1108)
  • BUGFIX Security officer is unable to access the events displayed under the registrants' history(IND2-1107)
  • BUGFIX Non-approved NGO disabled allows registration with non-approved NGO(IND2-1061)
  • BUGFIX Data base error on V2 reg demo environment(IND2-1026)
  • BUGFIX Error adding chairperson 'int' object has no attribute 'strip'(IND2-942)
  • BUGFIX Protected and Visible events is not shown to anonymous users at the calendar view(IND2-651)
  • BUGFIX Link for UNEP Interprefy(IND2-1276)
  • BUGFIX There is no switch “Migrated to V2” within the category settings(IND2-1264)
  • BUGFIX Registrar cannot approve a Participant for CSW 65(IND2-1349)
  • BUGFIX Statistics V1 not working anymore(IND2-1337)
  • BUGFIX Montly stats empty (V1)(IND2-1335)
27 Jan 2021

Indico.UN V2.1.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.1.0) has been released on 26th Jan at 07:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Disable HTTP API (IND2-1226).
  • Focal point unable to view assigned rep types (IND2-1249)
  • Custom representation types for the UNCCD-CRIC19 (IND2-1215)
  • Role UI add code based permissions (IND2-1213)
  • Role UI rename role (IND2-1212)
  • Event created in V1 does not appear under the category (IND2-1211)
  • Custom Representation type for UNIS and MALU. (IND2-1206)
  • File not being uploaded at the registration form (IND2-1197)
  • Traceback accessing Category settings. (IND2-1194)
  • Custom Representation type for Crime Congress event. (IND2-1176)
  • AJAX registration form send (IND2-1142)
  • Prevent participant to modify his/her registration after approval. (IND2-1110)
  • Add timestamp and datestamp of the account creation and last logged-in by the user. (IND2-1073)
  • Optimize the registrant list - Picture (IND2-1002)
  • Prevent Focal Points to change registration data if registrant is approved (IND2-992)
  • UNEP Nairobi Representation Types for Indico Version 2 (IND2-973)
  • Permission management UI (IND2-900)
  • Conditions for opening registration (IND2-355)
  • Disallow user registration modifications after moderation (approved/rejected) (IND2-353)
  • BUGFIX Unable to change the category of v1 event (IND2-1242)
  • BUGFIX Changing the language when in an event on V1 returns an error page (IND2-1233)
  • BUGFIX Disable HTTP API results (IND2-1226)
  • BUGFIX Tags appear several times if they were already added (IND2-1167)
  • BUGFIX Registrar's permissions email, tags (IND2-1166)
  • BUGFIX Show past events for "Event" subcategory (IND2-1160)
  • BUGFIX Restore the periodic e-mail sending (IND2-1179)
  • BUGFIX IOError importing focal points to a category (IND2-1136)
  • BUGFIX Registrant should be able to withdraw their registration regardless of the status (IND2-1089)
  • BUGFIX Unable to allocate some NGO to delegates (IND2-1048)
  • BUGFIX Unable to hyperlink a word in the email templates. (IND2-948)
  • BUGFIX Permission denied as traceback (IND2-922)