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6 Mar 2024

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.10

Indico.UN has been successfully upgraded to version v3.10 today. This second release of 2024 focuses on resolving issues of the current version as we gear to launch a new version with an updated Indico Core version.


  • IND2-3161 Automatic trigger of CCURE sync
  • IND2-3065 Add field BadgeAttributes.layers_visibility
  • IND2-3162 Remove import of all models from migration
  • IND2-3145 Allow to cancel printing (CCURE/API)
  • IND2-3097 Fix incorrect log call in the Zoom plugin
  • IND2-2832 Fix default data for the ESB

HotFixes > v3.9.0

  • IND2-3151 Fix CCURE SFTP data exchange
  • Fix user information changed on the new temporary accreditation request
  • Fix regex filters in dataTables
  • Add a reset filters button to the registration list
  • Fix Registration and Accreditation excel export
7 Feb 2024

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.9

Indico.UN has been successfully upgraded to version v3.9 today. This first release of 2024 focuses on completing the transition to the new registration list. The release entirely decommissions the old registration list and addresses all fixes and improvements requested by its early adopters. The system has also received improvements in the badge designer, access authorization module as well as its integrations with CCURE and gMeets. Check below the complete list of changes.

Registration list:

  • Completely removed the old registration list from the system (IND2-2874)
  • Added partial selection across pages (IND2-3004)
  • Added regex filtering (IND2-2776)
  • Fixed requesting reason not being asked when trying to reprint badge (IND2-3021)
  • Fixed multiple pagination issues (IND2-3086)

Badge designer:

  • Added "end validity date" element to badge designer (IND2-3055)
  • Added the possibility to adjust colored band height via "Badge Attributes" (IND2-3056)

Access Authorization Module:

  • Set work samples links to empty on accreditation renewals (IND2-3096)
  • Fixed SHP and FIPOI Contractor accreditation forms
  • Fixed disabled fields on accreditation renewals

CCURE integration:

  • Increased badge print counter when printing via CCURE (IND2-3093)
  • Removed printed/synced tags when sending badges to re-sync/print (IND2-3084)
  • Renamed /api/ccure to /api/security (IND2-3092)
  • Fixed CCURE not being configurable at event level if not enabled at the event location (IND2-3134)
  • Fixed error when communicating with CCURE ESB (IND2-3133)

gMeets integration:

  • Allowed disabling gMeets sync in categories (IND2-3088)
  • Fixed missing timetable entries when conflicting with manually created ones (IND2-3083)
  • Fixed cancelled sessions on gMeets not disappearing on Indico (IND2-3112)

Other improvements:

  • Added string length validation on representation type management area (IND2-2058)
  • Properly handled invalid input on custom date fields (IND2-2671)
  • Updated French translations
6 Dec 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.8

Indico.UN has been upgraded to the latest version v3.8. This one focuses again on internal improvements of CCURE integration as well as fixes for the new registration list. The old registration list is available for one last release and it will be finally decommissioned on the next version. Check below the full list improvements and fixes that come with this release.

CCURE integration:

  • Changed button label on print dialog (IND2-3070)
  • Improved tag management for resending (IND2-3061)
  • Printed badge via middleware API (IND2-2989)
  • Allowed to send data to CCURE from registration details page (IND2-2991)
  • Added unique constrants to Badge (IND2-3047)
  • Made CCURE instance required for locations configured with ESB transfer mode (IND2-3059)

Registration list:

  • Fixed picture sizes in registration list (IND2-2949)
  • Fixed loading spinner in server-side reglist (IND2-3072)
  • Fixed wrapping in server-side reglist columns (IND2-3073)
  • Other small fixes.

gMeets integration:

  • Run gMeets sync only for selected clients (IND2-2922)
  • Enabled gMeets sync for UNESCO (IND2-2912)

Other fixes:

  • Updated permission to view registration attachments
2 Nov 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.7

Indico.UN is now in its latest release v3.7. This version focuses on internal improvements that enable more flexible integration of CCURE and other access control platforms with registration badges in Indico.UN. Besides this, this version brings a few improvements and fixes to the new registration list. The old registration list is still available but will be decommissioned as soon as all remaining issues with the new registration list are addressed. That will hopefully happen in the next release after having delayed a few releases already. Check below the full list improvements and fixes that come with this release.

CCURE integration:

  • Added API as exchange mode for CCURE instances (IND2-2958)
  • Enabled registration badge sync via CCURE API (IND2-2990)
  • Improved setting registration badge tags via CCURE API (IND2-2993)
  • Increased granularity of changed_since parameter in CCURE API (IND2-2994)
  • Added support for CCURE badge ID in QR code scanning/lookup (IND2-2959)
  • Fixed CCURE badge update failing for registrations without picture
  • Fixed date format in CCURE XML export for UNOG (IND2-2987)

Registration badges:

  • Displayed badge tags for registrations (IND2-2978)
  • Added initial list of built-in tags on badge creation (IND2-2997)
  • Improved badge filtering by tags via API (IND2-2996)

Registration list:

  • Improved display of registration tags (IND2-3005)
  • Improved interface of the column configuration dialog (IND2-2892)
  • Ensured that the horizontal scrollbar remains visible (IND2-2929)
  • Fixed dropdown elements appear covered by other UI elements (IND2-2944)
  • Fixed Excel import for registration forms with mandatory file fields (IND2-3027)

Room booking:

  • Enabled the room booking module from a small group of selected users (IND2-2982)

Other fixes:

  • Fixed sorting of country names containing accents (IND2-3002)
  • Fixed multiple permission issues in the event abstracts module (IND2-2835)
  • Fixed invisible events appearing in search results (IND2-2946)
  • Fixed reason for registration badge re-print not being logged (IND2-3026)
  • Fixed registration sessions section title not being saved (IND2-2986)
  • Fixed registration picture not displaying on check-in page for some users (IND2-3000)
4 Oct 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.6

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.6. This version focuses on fixing bugs and improving corner cases in the new registration list. Even though it was planned to retire the old registration list in the current release, this will finally happen in the next release instead. Check below other improvements and fixes coming in this release.

Home page:

  • Added organizing unit in upcoming events (IND2-2767).

New registration list:

  • Fixed the badge preview button (IND2-2920).
  • Improved display of registration tags (IND2-2931).
  • Made column headers appear always on top (IND2-2951).
  • Made name-related columns appear always on the left (IND2-2925).
  • Fixed user preferences being lost on each page refresh (IND2-2925).
  • Fixed error on export to CCure XML button (IND2-2950).
  • Fixed export to CCure XML in a single file producing multiple files (IND2-2963).
  • Fixed many other small issues.


  • Improved interface of the login page (IND2-2898).
  • Added custom login logos in the login page (IND2-2960).
  • Fixed user sessions expiring prematurely (IND2-2934).


  • Enabled list filter on assignment type column (IND2-2981).
  • Added assignment types for UNOV media (IND2-2981).
  • Fixed other small issues.

Digital badge:

  • Prevented printing badges for non-approved registrations (IND2-2872).
  • Hid badge download button for non-approved registrations (IND2-2920).

CCure integration:

  • Fixed CCure badge number on QR code (IND2-2919).
  • Prevented sending multiple CCure XML about the same data change (IND2-2924).
  • Fixed permission errors when generating CCure XML generation permission issue (IND2-2924).
  • Fixed previwing CCure badges (IND2-2919).

Other fixes:

  • Fixed long loading times on certain registration pages (IND2-2927).
  • Fixed validation error of default badge field.
6 Sept 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.5

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.5. This version focuses on making the new registration list the default one, implementing all missing functionality from the old one. It is still possible to access the old registration list but it is planned to entirely retire it in the next release. Check below other improvements and fixes coming in this release.

New registration list:

  • Made new server-side registration list the default (IND2-2825)
  • Moved CCure XML export to server-side registration list (IND2-2837)
  • Implemented select-all functionality (IND2-2820)
  • Reactivated filters on filter switch activation (IND2-2803)
  • Displayed registration access dates on all registration states (IND2-2815)
  • Prevented removing checkbox column in column configuration (IND2-2891)
  • Prevented column sorting on checkbox column (IND2-2866)
  • Fixed warning on registration form disabled fields (IND2-2890)
  • Fixed broken rendering of registrations with no Indico user (IND2-2805)
  • Fixed selection being lost after actions (IND2-2889)
  • Fixed column order being lost on reload


  • Disabled MFA for OAuth workflows (IND2-2789)
  • Prevented local account logins with disabled email patterns (IND2-2851)

Access authorizations:

  • Improved badge logging for accreditations (IND2-2727)
  • Updated accreditation email when user primary email is changed (IND2-2904)
  • Updated description for emergency contact full name field (IND2-2910)
  • Fixed accreditation without `is_allowed_access` attribute (IND2-2904)
  • Fixed badge templates (IND2-2820)

CCure integration:

  • Implemented CCure API endpoints (IND2-2719)
  • Dropped the logging of CCure XML (IND2-2727)
  • Introduced registration badge model (IND2-2727)

gMeets synchronization:

  • Venues are now created and updated via gMeets sync (IND2-2766)

Other fixes:

  • Fixed Excel import date validator on integer (IND2-2861)
  • Fixed exception on kiosk upload (IND2-2853)
  • Fixed and tested registrations export API
3 Aug 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.4

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.4. This version focuses on improvements to the new registration list, planned to be made the default one in the next release. Check below other improvements and fixes coming in this release.

New registration list:

  • Added session blocks column to registration list (IND2-2777)
  • Improved server-side registration list UX (IND2-2772)
  • Improved rendering of picture thumbnails (IND2-2812)
  • Standardized server-side list date formats (IND2-2774)
  • Split reset columns and filters in registration list (IND2-2803)
  • Preserved selection after action in registration list (IND2-2821)
  • Fixed column heights in reglist when filters are enabled (IND2-2804)
  • Prevented registration list cells from wrapping (IND2-2806)
  • Disabled filtering for extra picture fields (IND2-2813)
  • Removed animation when hiding registration list filters (IND2-2807)
  • Renamed the links to add a new registration (IND2-2773)

Registration management:

  • Fixed notification text on registration status reset (IND2-2754)
  • Fixed condition to attach digital badge to emails (IND2-2831)

Access auhorization module:

  • Fixed media accreditation link in new forms (IND2-2370)

Category management:

  • Allowed cloning designer templates into another category (IND2-2129)
  • Made organizational unit fields mandatory under certain conditions (IND2-2328)

Event management:

  • Reset location details when changing arrangement type (IND2-2778)
  • Fixed saving event series form without changes (IND2-2793)


  • Hid Indico system user in search results (IND2-2860)
  • Restricted registration link to users with permission (IND2-2844)


  • Invalidated password reset links on password change (IND2-1694)
  • Warned users of session expiration (IND2-2738)

Home page:

  • Removed deprecated links from footer (IND2-1714)

CCure integration:

  • Allowed enabling CCure at location level (IND2-2817)

gMeets integration:

  • Handled cancelled sessions imported from gMeets (IND2-2829)

Zoom integration:

  • Implemented the server-to-server OAuth (IND2-2709)
5 Jul 2023

Indico.UN upgraded to v3.3

Indico.UN has just been upgraded to its latest release v3.3. This version brings small functionality changes as well as bug fixes to the platform. Check below all the notable improvements in this latest iteration.

Functionality changes:

  • Implemented mechanism for MFA in local accounts (IND2-1787).
  • Re-enabled affiliation field in user profile (IND2-1967).
  • Allowed eMeets to sync from other locations (IND2-2748).
  • Hid room booking warning on event settings page (IND2-2755).
  • Disabled UN-specific roles from room booking for test purposes (IND2-2781).
  • Dynamically enable/disable CCure badges for UNOG (IND2-2795).
  • Registration list:
    • Added inline registration rank field to server-side registration list (IND2-2724)
    • Improved filtering boolean columns in server-side registration list (IND2-2770).
  • Access Authorization Module:
    • Added 'Event Search' button to media accreditation form (IND2-2370).
    • Added previous ground pass field to UNHQ media accreditation form (IND2-2542).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed user affiliation always being updated regardless of profile update switch in registration form.
  • Fixed unusual cache-related error on client-side registration list (IND2-2652).
  • Fixed default value for minimum picture size on location settings form (IND2-2706).
  • Fixed unhandled exception when uploading invalid CSS files (IND2-2753).
  • Fixed duplicate email issue when importing invitations (IND2-2759).
  • Fixed missing type parameter in search endpoint (IND2-2757)
  • Fixed switching from long-term to temporary accreditation (IND2-2765).
  • Fixed display size of registration pictures.
  • Improved handling of several exceptions.
  • Fixed typos here and there.
7 Jun 2023

Indico.UN Version V3.2 released

A new version of Indico.UN (3.2) has been released on 7th of June at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • Published new List of Participant for OPCW (IND2-2681)
  • Feature to filter participants by registration tags on the List of Participant Document (IND2-2682)
  • Add “Registrant ID” column on the Registrant list screen (IND2-2683)
  • Extended UNOG CCure instance for out-of-duty-station events (IND2-2715)
  • Digital Badge: Enable Event-level switch for non-open events only (IND2-2660)
  • Digital Badge: Create a PictureField validator (IND2-2706)
  • Prevent manual creation of cities and countries from the admin interfaces (IND2-2345)
  • Sorting of badges printed in bulk (IND2-2684)
  • Improve the QRCode scanning (IND2-2717)
  • Prevent events to be indexed by external search engines on the demo server (IND2-2718)
  • Move CAPTCHA validation to the email verification step on the sign-up procedure (IND2-2654)
  • BUGFIX: Error accessing Indico API (IND2-2734)
22 May 2023

Indico.UN April Newsletter


10 May 2023

Indico.UN Version V3.1 released

A new version of Indico.UN (3.1) has been released on the 10th of May at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Email template: registration status change to pending (IND2-2661)
  • AAM
    • replicate buttons at the bottom of the registration form (IND2-2645)
    • remove GO to FORM when the office description is restricted (IND2-2646)
    • BUGFIX: Management files not getting copied to renewal accreditation (IND2-2574) 
    • BUGFIX: Changing the Ground pass number, changes the access date (IND2-2575 
  • Digital Badge
    • Email templates (IND2-2643)
    • Digital badge placeholder (IND2-2640)
    • location-based settings (IND2-2636)
    • Override "digital badge" settings at event level (IND2-2642)
    • Registration approval action backend change (IND2-2635)
    • PDF Paper format according to the preset size on the desiggner (IND2-2666)
    • Redirect the ticket.pdf url to digital-badge.pdf (IND2-2697)
    • Set the default digital badge at category and event level. (IND2-2665)
    • QRCode reading procedure change (IND2-2637)
    • Badge QRCode placeholder (IND2-2664)
    • CCURE integration change (IND2-2639)
    • Make CCure badge number field read-only (IND2-2696)
    • Decouple ticket URL placeholder from digital-badge placeholder (IND2-2686)
    • Make the badge preview available for pending participant (IND2-2306)
  • Minimum age on Date fields (IND2-2638)
  • Enhance error handling for Zoom Plugin (IND2-2680)
  • Add A7 page size to Badge printing and preview functions (IND2-2690)
  • Notification to UST on the mapping between categories and organizational units (IND2-2546)
  • Translation mechanism revamp for V3 (IND2-2617)
  • BUGFIX: Exception on registration-list "unbalanced parenthesis" (IND2-2544)
  • BUGFIX: AM: Badge type does not show all the values and have blanks. (IND2-2337)
  • BUGFIX: OUs - missing Principal Organ and Acronym (IND2-2558)
  • BUGFIX: User directed to password change screen after login v3 (IND2-2622)
  • BUGFIX: Emeets start data is None (IND2-2596)
  • BUGFIX: eMeets sync mrid rollbacks (IND2-2547)
  • BUGFIX: Failure of synchronization with gMeets (IND2-2633)
  • BUGFIX: Sending accreditation to CCURE bug fixes (IND2-2628)
  • BUGFIX: '_DataWrapper' object is not callable (IND2-2651)
  • BUGFIX: Suggesting a category on user dashboard (IND2-2595)
  • BUGFIX: Indico allows a registrant to be created without an account despite the Registrant must have an account button being activated (IND2-2381)
  • BUGFIX: Fix hiding of search favourites for users with no right (IND2-2694)
  • BUGFIX: HOTFIX: Band foreground color ineffective (IND2-2649)
  • BUGFIX: Log not tracking email sender (IND2-2668)
  • BUGFIX: Server side registrant list doesn't filter by registration tags (IND2-2634)
  • BUGFIX: Sessions information displaying incorrectly (IND2-2613)
  • BUGFIX: Issue with UmojaEvent accessing unknown attribute 'title' (IND2-2624)
  • BUGFIX: Restrict event logs section based on permission (IND2-2704)
  • BUGFIX: A pop up error message is displayed when a user press "Enter" (IND2-2713)
  • BUGFIX: Error in zoom plugin at the administration section (IND2-2693)
  • BUGFIX: Error creating zoom room (IND2-2616)
  • BUGFIX: Issue with string encoding in zoom settings page (IND2-2629)
10 Mar 2023

Indico.UN Bulletin 2023/1 - Registration Tags

The upgrade of Indico.UN to version 3 minimal changes to the Indico.UN interface. One change in version 3, is how registration tags are created. The registration tags feature existed in previous versions but with version 3, the page/screen in which they are created/edited has changed.

This document will explain how registration tags used in the event registration module are created/edited and how they are assigned to registrants in Indico.UN version 3. Tags used in the Accreditation module are not affected by these changes.

Download the bulletin.

28 Feb 2023

Indico.UN January 2023 Newsletter

7 Dec 2022

Indico.UN V2.22.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.22) has been released on 7th of December at 12:40 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • AAM:
    • Add a Document Category field to customizable columns (IND2-2391)
    • Allow Security Officer to update the photo via camera. (IND2-1943)
    • Search regardless of capitalizations and accented characters (IND2-2431)
    • Ignore ITS categories from mapping (IND2-2165)
    • Keep filters, columns visibility and order when reopening the same view (IND2-2368)
    • Add reference to the templates for the note verbale in the Protocol form (IND2-2444)
    • Access restriction features (IND2-2430)
    • UNIS Vienna - changes to the AAM form (IND2-2456)
    • UNIS Vienna - Adding a drop-down field for press release (IND2-2469)
  • Analytical Module:
    • Logging category sync issues (IND2-2231)
    • alignment after the V1 decommissioning (IND2-2408)
    • disable V1 miner (IND2-2383)
    • Ignore ITS categories from mapping (IND2-2165)
    • Get rid of the Location mapping (IND2-2088)
    • New data source for management report (IND2-2362)
  • Merge sessions for gMeets-synchronized events (IND2-2420)
  • Add new badge/ticket placeholder to display the full address of the venue (Venue, City, Country). (IND2-2378)
  • Remove the “Create event" menu item from the main menu (IND2-2356)
  • Include the representation type enable status when cloning events (IND2-2296)
  • Improve Captcha with audio (IND2-2371)
  • Add the time to the date field with time format output in the registrant list (IND2-2438)
  • Remove badge printing permission from Category/Event managers (IND2-2453)
  • Enable the “profile update” section on the registration form (IND2-2365)
  • Deprecate the “designation customizations” in the accreditation form for SHP and FIPOI (IND2-2389)
  • Add the change-log for the accreditations (IND2-2442)
  • Change the URL for picture requirements pdf (IND2-2445)
  • BUGFIX: Error update/create session in eMeets sync (IND2-2398)
  • BUGFIX: Broken registration list due to missing `updated_on` (IND2-2440)
  • BUGFIX: Focal Point Excel Import without accounts (IND2-2406)
  • BUGFIX: handle broken data stream error when reading image (IND2-2386)
  • BUGFIX: Migrated event can't load registration list (IND2-2425)
  • BUGFIX: Exception on saving profile picture (IND2-2347)
  • BUGFIX: SHP badge designer element fixed text and fixed image (IND2-2415)
  • BUGFIX: Import of registrants excel with accented letters fields (IND2-2413)
  • BUGFIX: Wrong sorting in server-side Registrants list (IND2-2264)
  • BUGFIX: Missing validation setting rank in registration list (IND2-2457)
  • BUGFIX: Prevent saving registration data in DB if any of the uploaded files fails to be stored in the filesystem (IND2-2010)
  • BUGFIX: Temporary accreditations are marked as renewal when switching badge-length (IND2-2441)
  • BUGFIX: Error when revoking role assignment to groups (IND2-2130)
  • BUGFIX: Fix long-integer issue in Accreditation list search (IND2-2424)
  • BUGFIX: Focal points unable to withdraw registration (IND2-1824)
  • BUGFIX: Issue assign the contributor role while creating a contribution (IND2-2407)
  • BUGFIX: Previewing Profile picture (IND2-2402)
  • BUGFIX: Skip umoja sync If venue is removed from an event in sync with UMOJA (IND2-2355)
  • BUGFIX: Traceback while updating the arrangement type (IND2-2319)
  • BUGFIX: Users search for email less than 3-character long (IND2-2466)





2 Nov 2022

Indico.UN V2.21.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.21) has been released on 2th of November at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • V1 to V2 data migration (IND2-2250)
  • Disabling the Live Synchronised version (IND2-2372)
  • Notify User Support about new organisation entities (IND2-2133)
  • AAM - default the accreditation validity date subordinated to the accreditation type (IND2-2366)
  • Add BCC option to the email sent to participant (IND2-2108)
  • Make the QR code email placeholder available in AAM email template UI (IND2-2418)
  • Make gMeets sync working without LSV (IND2-2411)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect Room-Venue for gMeets sync (IND2-2422)
  • BUGFIX: Registrations linked to deleted session blocks (IND2-2311)
  • BUGFIX: Invalid date data in registration prevents sending emails (IND2-2397)
  • BUGFIX: Registrant list not showing updated photo (IND2-2380)
  • BUGFIX: AttributeError while importing focal point Excel file (IND2-1137)
  • BUGFIX: Export to excel Server Side reglist (IND2-2405)
  • BUGFIX: Prevent Category manager to change the representation type schema (IND2-2429)
  • BUGFIX: Unique constraint while importing invitations if the user is already invited (IND2-2392)
  • BUGFIX: Displaying issues with Sessions in registrations list (IND2-2360)
  • BUGFIX: Impossible to clone events containing ACL entries associated with non-Indico users (IND2-2423)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when importing focal points via Excel (IND2-2396)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when mandatory column is missing in invitation Excel import (IND2-2394)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when importing empty Excel file (IND2-2395)
5 Oct 2022

Indico.UN V2.20.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.20) has been released on 5th of October at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Expose the `Client sub-entity level 2` from ADB to Webservice (IND2-2373)
  • Update default email for DaS (IND2-2364)
  • Location widget - address field message (IND2-2144)
  • Show “Create conference” to category managers only (IND2-2356)
  • reply-to e-mail header (IND2-1010)
  • Implement the logical deletion for reptype lists (IND2-2350)
  • Improve Excel upload security (IND2-2339)
  • Registration-form based participant import "template" (IND2-2103)
  • Disable badge printing for legacy events (IND2-2349)
  • Add string length validation in organization name field in registration form representation type section (IND2-2189)
  • Add file size limit validation to file field in the registration form ahead of sending. (IND2-2123)
  • Access Authorisation Module:
    • Set ground pass field mandatory only for renewal (IND2-2243)
    • Make the default email sender in Email notifications configurable (IND2-2369)
    • Modification in the workflow for automatic renewal of LT accreditations (IND2-2313)
    • Re-submit the documents while applying for renewal (IND2-2242)
    • Add Approval date to Accreditation list (IND2-2155)
  • AAM: necessary changes for SHP, FIPOIS, UNOG Protocol onboarding (available from 16th October)
    • Create a static accreditation form for Permanent missions members' long term accreditations (IND2-2192)
    • Create a static accreditation form SHP contractors for temporary and long-term (IND2-2154)
    • Implement the Short URL feature for AAM (IND2-2261)
    • Allow SHP managers to create organizations and assign Organization Focal points (IND2-2153)
    • Allow organization Focal points to submit a long-term or short term accreditation request on behalf of contractors (IND2-2160)
  • BUGFIX: NGO list synchronization failure with (IND2-1403)
  • BUGFIX: Events coming from gMeets containing invalid characters make the synchronisation to fail (IND2-2152)
  • BUGFIX: Session names displayed in SessionsSection are incomplete (IND2-2359)
  • BUGFIX: Participant list templates referencing inexistent fields raises unhandled exception (IND2-2000)
7 Sept 2022

Indico.UN V2.19.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.19.0) has been released on the 7th of September at 12:30 PM (CET)

Release notes:

  • Remove the Palais des Nations map from the UN Event Pass on Indico for Version 1 events (IND2-2340)
  • Add the Umoja event code field as email placeholder (IND2-2205)
  • Configure badge printing margins and related settings to be saved at the Category level (IND2-2114)
  • Handle unhandled exceptions on the Zoom plugin for closed meetings (IND2-2269)
  • Umoja city synchronization (IND2-1845)
  • Indico.UN to send a new event title to Umoja when the event gets deleted (IND2-2233)
  • Add state/province information to cities for disambiguation (IND2-2324)
  • BUGFIX: Event closed indication is not shown on the event list inside a category (IND2-2246)
  • BUGFIX: Unexpected Exception when printing badge (IND2-2092)
  • BUGFIX: Some tickets are considered badges and trigger an unhandled exception when approving participants (IND2-2320)
  • BUGFIX: Arrangement type is not copied when cloning an event (IND2-2258)
  • BUGFIX: Exception "no row was found" when cloning Kiosk (IND2-2300)
  • BUGFIX: User with Zoom Manager role cannot create Zoom room (IND2-2293)
  • BUGFIX: remove trailing spaces on the email address to avoid duplicates at excel import (IND2-2316)
  • BUGFIX: Fix reptype validator at Excel import (IND2-2301)
  • BUGFIX: Excel import country fields don't link to the correct country (IND2-2305)
  • BUGFIX: Missing validation for badge type on registration Excel import (IND2-2252)
  • BUGFIX: The zoom plugin can't find the enterprise email address (IND2-2270)
  • BUGFIX: Excel import fails when date columns are interpreted as integer (IND2-2213)
  • BUGFIX: Skip NGO synchronization when DESA's website is not accessible (IND2-2351)
3 Aug 2022

Indico.UN V2.18.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.18) has been released on 3rd of August at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Order list of countries alfabetically (IND2-2260)
  • Better Zoom API error handling on room creation when the referral event is over (IND2-2271)
  • Limit the display of registrants in the participant list to approved registrants only (IND2-2099)
  • Configure which representation types to display in the participant list (IND2-2100)
  • Media accreditation link on events overview (IND2-2184)
  • AM: Improve event series UI (IND2-2244)
  • Add default picture to the registration imported via Excel upload (IND2-2209)
  • BUGFIX: Error printing badge when badge settings cache is missing (IND2-2236)
  • BUGFIX: Create-edit Restricted Zoom room error (IND2-2237)
  • BUGFIX: “Bogus escape error” on list of accreditations (IND2-2235)
  • BUGFIX: Unexpected 'tuple index out of range' exception in user profile page (IND2-2214)
  • BUGFIX: Missing registration without user account icon on client side registration list (IND2-2164)
  • BUGFIX: Restrict Focal Points access as per assigned category or event (IND2-2201)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled Exception while modifying registration with CCure ID enabled (IND2-2272)
6 Jul 2022

Indico.UN V2.17.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.17) has been released on 6th of July at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • Rename Turkey to Türkiye (IND2-2227, IND2-2226)
  • Update events' arrangement type (IND2-2175)
  • Correct series numbers (IND2-2232)
  • Import new entity list in the Indico dataset (IND2-2196)
  • AM Align DB nationality sourcing fields (IND2-2206)
  • AM create the arrangement type field in ADB (IND2-2090)
  • AAM: Allow saving badge print settings (IND2-2212)
  • AAM: Change status to trigger notifications (CCURE_Printed, CCURE_Rejected) (IND2-2240)
  • Set reptype default badge on excel import if badge is empty (IND2-2117)
  • DAS documents get copied to materials when cloning registration form (IND2-2225)
  • API Integrate PMS into API registration call (IND2-1672)
  • API Improve Registration API (IND2-2032)
  • Periodic email to conference manager when the venue is missing in the conference setup (IND2-2229)
  • BUGFIX Links to Indico News are not displayed on home page (IND2-2203)
  • BUGFIX AM: Reporting permission to deleted category breaks the ETL process (IND2-2218)
  • BUGFIX ECOSOC sync fail (IND2-1961)
  • BUGFIX Not possible to get the ticket item from cached badge config (IND2-2219)
  • BUGFIX Scheduled NGO synchronization is failing to connect to (IND2-2151)
  • BUGFIX Unable to approve registration (IND2-2247)
  • BUGFIX Create-edit Restricted Zoom room error (IND2-2237)
  • BUGFIX Sessions/timetable created manually do not appear in correct order in registration form (IND2-2157)
  • BUGFIX The representation type lists are not displayed under the schema (IND2-2217)
  • BUGFIX Constraint violation when removing list linked to a reptype schema (IND2-2003)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception when printing accreditation badge (IND2-2211)
  • BUGFIX Can’t clone the event sessions when linked to gMeets (IND2-2221)
  • BUGFIX Template not found error when exporting to CCure (IND2-2220)
  • BUGFIX Focal points can add participants even before the registration form is opened (IND2-2159)
  • BUGFIX Unable to change the background image on V1 badge template (IND2-2241)



8 Jun 2022

Indico.UN V2.16.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.16) has been released on the 8th of June at 12:30 PM (Geneva time).

Release notes:

  • IND2-383 Implemented badge previewing
  • IND2-1534 Fixed sending non-approved registrations to CCURE
  • IND2-1850 Added new location widget to events, sessions, & contributions
  • IND2-1906 Created interfaces to sync events with Umoja
  • IND2-1906 Added interface to visualize organizational units hierarchy from Umoja
  • IND2-2006 Made update pass status button appear only to UNHQ
  • IND2-2017 Fixed user login error when the account was disabled in v1
  • IND2-2029 Restricted access to HTTP API to OAuth only
  • IND2-2054 Implemented CCURE badge number workflow
  • IND2-2054 Fixed sending registration to CCURE on ticket printing
  • IND2-2056 Added integration with Google Analytics
  • IND2-2057 Synced event arrangement type from gMeets
  • IND2-2060 Hide locations for users with no rights in the admin area
  • IND2-2083 Fixed QR code not rendered in pdf attachments
  • IND2-2197 Fixed excel import when email address column is missing
  • IND2-2146 Enabled syncing category managers from v1 to v2
  • IND2-2158 Added field to configure gMeets venue ID in locations
  • IND2-2180 Ensured that links are URLs in accreditation details
  • IND2-2187 Fixed check-in when registration that doesn't have a picture.
  • IND2-2187 Added default picture for accreditation on badges
  • IND2-2191 Fixed editing sessions section in registration form settings
4 May 2022

Indico.UN V2.15.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.15) has been released on the 4th of May at 12:30 PM (Geneva time).

Release notes:

  • IND2-838 Improved performance of permission checks 
  • IND2-1112 Exclude non-approved participants from LoP Draft
  • IND2-1453 Show correct managers for 'Events' parent category
  • IND2-1793 Allow the creation of restricted zoom rooms
  • IND2-1881 Assign global context roles together from PMS UI
  • IND2-1965 Import recurrent events with override option
  • IND2-2004 Change the filename for accreditation excel export
  • IND2-2006 Fix CCURE send and receive request method
  • IND2-2006 Get CCURE pass status update from ESB
  • IND2-2006 Update CCURE-ESB status mapping "system closed"
  • IND2-2028 Enable registrants to hide their participation
  • IND2-2028 Remove duplicate title column in participant list
  • IND2-2043 Fixes the logging message for checked-in & checked-out
  • IND2-2086 Fix and append timezone information to placeholders
  • IND2-2097 Allow multiple check-in and Check-out from check-in interface
  • IND2-2097 Check-in officer interface
  • IND2-2098 Add {registrant_birth_date} placeholder
  • IND2-2106 Enable check-out functionality
  • IND2-2106 Fix bugs with check-out log entries
  • IND2-2111 Limit access to user profile from the search engine
  • IND2-2124 Fix wrong eMeets log message
  • IND2-2125 Update the event series UI
  • IND2-2130 Fix error when revoking role assignment to groups
  • IND2-2131 Fix event without kiosk menu
6 Apr 2022

Indico.UN V2.14.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.14) has been released on the 6th of April at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Change display text of Virtual kiosk to “Document and Services” (IND2-2081)
  • Add Badge Logo insert element field on Badge Designer Tool. (IND2-1751)
  • AAM | Search accreditations (IND2-1942)
  • Add option to disable registration modification email (IND2-1733)
  • Limit the on-behalf registration to Focal Point associated entities. (IND2-1677)
  • Virtual Kiosk - clone kiosks from existing events (IND2-1974)
  • Possibility to enable/disable the gMeets synchronization for an event (IND2-1945)
  • Add "pending events" management to V2 gmeets synchronization (IND2-1867)
  • registrant list: add a filter for columns/fields by “empty” or “not empty” value. (IND2-2007)
  • Track the failure of the email-attached PDF generation(IND2-1976)
  • BUGFIX Can't download the custom list from V1. (IND2-2041)
  • BUGFIX empty tag from bulk DELETE popup (IND2-2031)
  • BUGFIX Security vulnerability - remove the “Add Indico user” button from My profile -> Favourites (IND2-2046)
  • BUGFIX Keep picture rotation over the creation of the thumbnails (IND2-2064)
  • BUGFIX Badge print right margin setting not considered while printing (IND2-1823)
  • BUGFIX Badge designer Category Title placeholder show parent category in case of special category “Events”(IND2-1947)
  • BUGFIX eMeets failed for new events (IND2-2077)
  • BUGFIX sending "Invitations" without "affiliation" (IND2-1108)
  • BUGFIX Security officer cannot print Accreditation badges (IND2-2040)
  • BUGFIX eMeets V1 events not synced if migrated (IND2-2071)
9 Mar 2022

Indico.UN V2.13.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (v2.13) has been released on 9th of March at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Virtual Kiosk (IND2-1869)
  • Permission check code optimization (IND2-838)
  • Add Rich Text Editor for the reminders. (IND2-1895)
  • hide pencil icon for users with no rights (IND2-1784)
  • Hide Participant list menu (IND2-1510)
  • Bulk tag delete (IND2-1721)
  • Entities/clients interface (IND2-1796, IND2-1795, IND2-1797, IND2-1851)
  • AM: Interface for Security Officers and Category Managers (IND2-1881)
  • AAM: Add Title as a custom column in the accreditation list. (IND2-1978)
  • AAM: Change labels in the accreditation form. (IND2-1933)
  • AAM: Add a multi-upload files field for the media managers. (IND2-1958)
  • AAM: Add multi-upload file field in the accreditation form. (IND2-1959)
  • BUGFIX: Error in the accreditations excel export. (IND2-1977)
  • BUGFIX: Submitting a registration by a non-logged in user (IND2-1993)
  • BUGFIX: Error importing registration excel with columns not existing in form (IND2-1998)
  • BUGFIX: Representation type validator does not work at Excel import. (IND2-1815)
  • BUGFIX_ Registrant list language consistency (IND2-1992)
  • BUGFIX: Unable to Save the Zoom room created as a Category manager. (IND2-1963)
  • BUGFIX: Visa letter: proxy configuration not taken into account (IND2-1999)
  • BUGFIX: “Apply permission” button not available to category manager in the focal point page (IND2-1904)
  • BUGFIX: Error displaying server-side registration list (IND2-2001)
  • BUGFIX: Error when updating tags from registration list (IND2-1997)
9 Feb 2022

Indico.UN V2.12.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (v2.12) has been released on 9th of February at 1:00 PM (Geneva time)
Release notes:

  • eMeets migration V2 (IND2-1870)
  • Protect the system email templates in V1 (IND2-1908)
  • New  representation type for SHP (V1) (IND2-1829)
  • Analytical Module support for selective page view (IND2-1939)
  • Add Correspondent email placeholder for Access Authorisation Module. (IND2-1944)
  • Add short/long month label badge design (IND2-1872)
  • City User interface for admin users (IND2-1847)
  • Add Z-index option to the badge designer (IND2-1715)
  • Offline Badge details lookup for Covid tracing (IND2-1877)
  • Make the QR code work for Media Accreditation For UNIS - CCure (IND2-1941)
  • CCure export multiple files when multiple selection is set (IND2-1866)
  • Allow multiple Zoom accounts per Event (IND2-1915)
  • Use the thumbnails in the CCure XML export (IND2-1861)
  • Add "digital recordings" menu to gMeets synchronized events (IND2-1862)
  • PDF attachment template for Visa letter (IND2-1719)
  • Server Side Registration List (IND2-1897)
  • Hide category managers list (IND2-1758)
  • BUGFIX Existing users cannot be found using his email address (IND2-1927)
  • BUGFIX Past and Future event not shown in category page event list (IND2-1936)
  • BUGFIX Fields First Name/Surname not protected in registration form (V1) (IND2-1950)
  • BUGFIX Issue saving City-and-Surname-in-registration (V1) (IND2-1938)
19 Jan 2022

Indico.UN V2.11.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (v2.11) has been released on 19th of January at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)
Release notes:

  • Representation type changes for events under WHO category (IND2-1899)
  • Representation type "Member States" list change for events under WHO category (IND2-1914)
  • Add UN Systems for WHO (IND2-1928)
  • Interface to assign reporter role through Indico UI (IND2-1876)
  • Allow multiple ZOOM Account per Category (IND2-1853)
  • Log Zoom keys - account name used to create room (IND2-1907)
  • AAM: Permission denied to access the attachments. (IND2-1926)
  • AAM: I/O error on Work Samples field (IND2-1921)
  • AAM: Add placeholder for Title. (IND2-1900)
  • AAM: Add assignment type for UNIS. (IND2-1894)
  • AAM: CCURE must receives the applicant's email address as permanent and work email address. (IND2-1913)
  • AAM: Download files with their original name, not internal storage name. (IND2-1917)
  • AAM: Allow managers to modify the First name and the last name of the requestor. (IND2-1912)
  • AAM: Access dates - Remove condition on the approval state. (IND2-1909)
  • AAM Change the label of the field for Badge number under the Pass Details Section. (IND2-1918)
  • BUGFIX Registrations created from management side has approval_dt, and approved_by (IND2-1923)
  • BUGFIX The export to Excel functionality goes into an infinite loop (IND2-1905)
  • BUGFIX show yearly accreditation when selected an year. (IND2-1902)
  • BUGFIX Approval email template removed (IND2-1911)
  • BUGFIX Representation subtype error: Unhandled exception when invalid representation subtype (IND2-1858)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception on gender validation while importing registrations via Excel (IND2-1886)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception on phone validation while importing registrations via Excel (IND2-1885)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception on empty cells at Excel import (IND2-1884)
  • BUGFIX Unable to export the registrants' list in excel. (IND2-1878)
  • BUGFIX V2 - Unable to clone an event (IND2-1898)
6 Jan 2022

8 January 2022 Disaster Recovery Exercise

As informed to users on 8 December 2021, a disaster recovery exercise will take place as planned on 8 January from 8.00am to 6.00pm CET inclusive.

Should additional down time be required on Sunday, 9 January, users will be informed on Saturday.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Indico.UN Service Desk –

15 Dec 2021

Indico.UN V2.10.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.10.0) has been released on 15th of December at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release Notes:


  • VIP badge for WHO (IND2-1855)
  • Media Accreditations XML Export to SFTP for CCURE (IND2-1868)
  • Change the label of the Representation Type default value. (IND2-1794)
  • Improvements on Access Authorization Module (IND2-1857)
  • Export to Excel Accreditation List. (IND2-1668)
  • Store picture thumbnail in filesystem (IND2-1860)
  • Registrants list - bulk actions - set badge validity (IND2-399)
  • Restrict focal point upon registration closure (IND2-1811)
  • Skip non-existing accounts while importing focal points from Excel (IND2-1888)
  • Interface for CCure Tags Mapping (IND2-1705)
  • Reflect cancellation for synchonized events (IND2-1863)
  • Create the Analytical Web Service (IND2-1472)
  • Revise datasource of Power BI reports (IND2-1782)
  • Make PowerBI connecting to the Analytical Web Service(IND2-1874)
  • PowerBI Access management Indico roles integration (IND2-1730)
  • BUGFIX Zoom plugin does not work on the demo (IND2-1856)
  • BUGIFX Parallel sync: gMeets ID not reset when event V1 deleted (IND2-1837)
  • BUGFIX gMeets sync fails when event V2 has no session (IND2-1843)
  • BUGFIX ECOSOC NGOs marked as "Represented NGO is not accredited" (IND2-1838)
  • BUGFIX Cannot assign a role the Home category. (IND2-1883)
  • BUGFIX Focal points blocks when Excel’s list contains assigned focal points (IND2-1887)
  • BUGFIX Encoding issue in PDF generation (V1) (IND2-1852)
17 Nov 2021

Indico.UN V2.9.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.9.0) has been released on 17th of November at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • IND2-1740 BUGFIX: Fix missing Registrants from V1 -> V2
  • IND2-1803 BUGFIX: Wrong Event's end time from gMeets sync
  • IND2-1793 BUGFIX: Registration form "apply" button doesn't submit the registration
  • IND2-1825 BUGFIX: NGO badge does not use correct attributes and position
  • IND2-1826 BUGFIX: Export sessions to iCal via permanent link.
  • IND2-1726 BUGFIX: Registration modification link sent by email does not work
  • IND2-1763 BUGFIX: sync V2->V1 after manual event migration
  • IND2-1760 BUGFIX: Unable to clone an event
  • IND2-1835 ESB-CCURE NY Response File removal after reading
  • IND2-1700 enlarge Email template subject field
  • IND2-1671 Extend Indico HTTP API with the "last_update" option
  • IND2-1354 Conference Logs optimisation (V1)
  • IND2-1715 z-index option to the badge design interface
  • IND2-1804 Badges for IGF event (V1)
  • IND2-1805 Reintroduce RepType Qualifier
  • IND2-1809 Activate Timetable and display Rooms for gMeets synchronized events
  • IND2-1821 Add privacy statement to Indico.UN footer
  • IND2-1817 reptype_qualifier Placeholder for the badge template.
  • IND2-1810 Description field in the Representation type Schema UI
  • IND2-1768 Make participant selection more visible in the registrant list
  • IND2-411 Registrants list - import from XLS
  • IND2-1839 AAM: add badge ID
  • IND2-1750 AAM: Restrict the modification of the form on the reject state
  • IND2-1839 AAM: add badge ID
29 Oct 2021

Survey: Conferencing Today + Tomorrow – 2

Have you been involved (either remotely or in-person) in a conference or meeting organized at or from the Palais des Nations since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown (16 March 2020)?

 Please respond to the Conferencing Today + Tomorrow – 2 survey


Avez-vous été impliqué (à distance ou en personne) à une conférence ou à une réunion organisée au Palais des Nations ou à partir de celui-ci depuis le début du confinement lié à la COVID-19 (16 mars 2020)?

Merci de répondre au sondage Façonnez les conférences d'aujourd'hui et de demain !


13 Oct 2021

Indico.UN V2.8.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.8.0) has been released on 13th of October at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Prevent creation of conferences by non-authorized user (IND2-1731)
  • Update Indico contact link to the i-need form (IND2-1701)
  • Fix the production data (IND2-1753)
  • Refactor representation type form (IND2-1012)
  • Add "default" badge attributes for non-corresponding badge types (IND2-1772)
  • Issue Registration for (IND2-1748)
  • Reintroduce ecosoc dynamic list (IND2-1744)
  • Undo hardcoding UNAIDS Member States list (V1) (IND2-1742)
  • Add the entity represented to the ZOOM plugin (IND2-1710)
  • Add identification for recurrent events (IND2-1617)
  • BUGFIX The name of NGO organization does not appear in the suggestion list (IND2-1461)
  • BUGFIX Redirection to login page from PMS if no session.user (IND2-1775)
  • BUGFIX Disappearing sessions from an event synced with gMeets (IND2-1741)
  • BUGFIX Error creating Registrant in V2 (IND2-1736)
  • BUGFIX HOTFIX Registration modification link sent by email does not work (IND2-1726)
  • BUGFIX V1 events do not reflect correct location after move (IND2-1720)
  • BUGFIX Fix built-in validation UI not appearing in reptype form (IND2-1717)
  • BUGFIX The Full name fields does not include title of the person (IND2-1716)
  • BUGFIX Cross Site Request Forgery (CRSF) vulnerability (IND2-1704)
  • BUGFIX Last digits of the passport number is replaced by "000" in the Excel export (IND2-1781)
  • Aanalytical Module
    • Install the Analytical Module to Valencia infrastructure (IND2-1713)
    • Export report permissions to ADB (IND2-1755)
    • Improve the ADB populating script performance (IND2-1471)
    • Add CSV output to AWS (IND2-1771)
    • Update ADB (sub-entity level 2) (IND2-1746)
  • gMeets sync
    • gMeets sync with LSV (IND2-1536)
    • Setup a V1 and V2 combined gMeets sync script (IND2-1778)
    • Improve gMeets logs and option run (IND2-1776)
16 Sept 2021

Indico.UN V2.7.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.7.0) has been released on 16th of September at 13:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Add UN bodies long names to Excel export (IND2-1702)
  • Enabling right to left text direction option for text editor (IND2-1699)
  • VIP checkbox on the participant print VIP badge (IND2-1698)
  • Special QR code attribute for AAM. (IND2-1667)
  • Export CCure formatted XML as per V1 (IND2-1659)
  • Add registrant ID QRCode Badge placeholder (IND2-1658)
  • User search results sorted by date (IND2-1560)
  • Restricting approvals on badge validity criteria. (IND2-1500)
  • Integrate V2 information to the ADB (IND2-1470)
  • Enable/Disable representation types from the schema interface. (IND2-1318)
  • migrate "short_url" field to V2 (IND2-1309)
  • Invite Participants in bulk by importing excel file (IND2-854)
  • BUGFIX Registrar Reject Action (IND2-1709)
  • BUGFIX Check-in when approval (IND2-1706)
  • BUGFIX Session section can't be disabled while cloned from an event. (IND2-1692)
  • BUGFIX V1 Restricted access message  (IND2-1691)
  • BUGFIX The Action ADD TAG is not working (IND2-1662)
  • BUGFIX Notifications for registrant (IND2-1609)
  • BUGFIX Security unable to access registrants list in v2 (IND2-1587)
  • BUGFIX Sessions section issues (IND2-1440)
  • BUGFIX add reviewer to track lists (IND2-1132)
  • BUGFIX Validate focal point permissions on excel import (IND2-1109)
18 Aug 2021

Indico.UN v2.6.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.6.0) has been released on 18th of August at 12:50 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Align representation type list in v2 (IND2-1579)
  • Prevent non-managers to exploit search functionalities to discover registered emails (IND2-1675)
  • New schema redirection on RepType UI configuration (IND2-1619)
  • Blacklisted indicator in search results (IND2-1561)
  • Define registrant “rank” default as in Version 1 (IND2-1418)
  • UN Event Pass: Attach conference map (IND2-803)
  • Increase years dropdown in DateField for registration form (IND2-1676)
  • Hide the section "Update Profile" from the registration form. (IND2-1663)
  • BUGFIX Prevent registrations to be associated to a different user (IND2-1586)
  • BUGFIX Register now" redirection is not directing user correctly to form (IND2-1580)
  • BUGFIX Clone event does not clone ACL with all the rights. (IND2-1600)
  • BUGFIX An event is not displayed on the list of UNCTAD category (IND2-1601)
  • BUGFIX Profile update doesn’t update choice fields (IND2-1595)
  • BUGFIX Default badge template marked for the event is not selected by default while printing badge (IND2-1410)
  • BUGFIX Cannot submit a registration with non mandatory Country field (IND2-1265)
  • BUGFIX Issues removing V1 events and categories (IND2-1248)
  • BUGFIX Error 500 when cloning events (IND2-1679)
  • BUGFIX Traceback Approving registration (IND2-1674)
  • BUGFIX Representation type fields accepts text not in the list (IND2-1681)
  • Access Authorization Module - preparation
    • Print badges via AAM. (IND2-1666)
    • First feedback from UNOG Media (UNIS) (IND2-1578)
    • Modifications in the sections for the AAM-UNIS form. (IND2-1665)
  • V2 gMeets sync - preparation
    • Add emeets_id to events imported by LSV (IND2-1597)
    • Add monitoring to gMeets sync (IND2-1481)
    • Reset gMeets ID for deleted V1 events (IND2-1611)
  • Analytical Module preparation
    • Integrate V1 information into ADB
    • Integrate V2 information into ADB
21 Jul 2021

Indico.UN V2.5.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.5.0) has been released on 21st of July at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Flatlist speed optimization (IND2-1328)
  • Search engine speed optimisation (IND2-1327)
  • LoP generation, performance optimization (IND2-1435)
  • Show Status column by default (IND2-1509)
  • Disable email notification on data modification, by default (IND2-1588)
  • disable links to registration form area (IND2-1573)
  • Add Subject field to email templates (IND2-1598)
  • Add registrant_title placeholder for email template (IND2-1596)
  • Add Boltd font in badge design interface (IND2-1437)
  • Set default badge template in the print badge form for users who has the permission to chose (IND2-1567)
  • Aggregated List of Participants (IND2-1566)
  • Render QR code email sent to the participant (IND2-1393)
  • BUGFIX - Notification sender email address (IND2-1581)
  • BUGFIX - Search function render hidden events (IND2-1549)
  • BUGFIX - Registration modification triggers the pending e-mail notification. (IND2-1341)
  • BUGFIX - Tagging function non working for V1 events (IND2-1251)
  • BUGFIX - cannot change dates on survey (IND2-1333)
  • BUGFIX - Error removal event (V1) (IND2-1591)
  • BUGFIX - Registrant list columns shuffle (IND2-1577)
  • BUGFIX - Use of rank to the aggregated registrant list (IND2-1555)
  • BUGFIX - Issues with the registrant picture at the registrant list (IND2-1311)
  • BUGFIX - NGO quota limit can be exceeded (IND2-1563)
  • BUGFIX - Show country names instead of alpha 2 in the registrant list (IND2-1512)
  • BUGFIX - Conf manager can't access badge preview (IND2-1584)
  • AAM:
    • Custom email templates on rejection for UNHQ Delegates. (IND2-1495)
    • French version. (IND2-1491)
    • Long-term accreditation - Renewal request. (IND2-1487)
    • Custom email templates on approval. (IND2-1485)
    • Second feedback from UNHQ Media (IND2-1570)
23 Jun 2021

indico.UN V2.4.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.4.0) has been released on 23rd of June at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Update Indico core to 2.3 (IND2-1376)
  • UNECE custom LOP (IND2-1322)
  • Implementation of UNEP lop (IND2-1324)
  • UNEP registrant list need Reptype qualifier (IND2-1449)
  • Help portal link (IND2-1416)
  • Badge Validity setup (IND2-1139)
  • Display message approving registration whereas badge validity is set session-based with no session seleted (IND2-1493)
  • LoP customization mecanism improvement (IND2-1423)
  • Custom LoP for GAEAD (IND2-1298)
  • Modification in the custom LoP for GAEAD (IND2-1539)
  • Record all printed badges (IND2-615)
  • Reason for rejection (IND2-1117)
  • Option to hide the representation type section in the registration form(IND2-1531)
  • Option to disable automatic notification on approve/reject (IND2-1123)
  • Change "Black listed" label to "Watchlisted" (IND2-1548)
  • Change profile picture from registration picture (IND2-1499)
  • CCURE integration Step 2 (IND2-1534)
  • Add Session section to the registrant list (IND2-1537)
  • FIX V1 approved registrant doesn't show up as "approved" (IND2-1476)
  • FIX Unable to set event as unmoderated (IND2-1438)
  • FIX The notifications sent to a registrant, other than pending, approval, rejected, are not logged (IND2-1260)
  • FIX Representation type NGO list issue (IND2-1473)
  • FIX Open redirect vulnerability (IND2-1427)
  • FIX One hour lag in the registration timestamp under the registration date column (IND2-1544)
  • FIX Non-selected registration are set to pending (IND2-1430)
  • FIX NGO restriction inheritance (IND2-1283)
  • FIX missing field in registrant list and excel export (IND2-1436)
  • FIX IGO representation type does not list the name of organization {{entity}} in the LoP (IND2-1448)
  • FIX Email preview not showing up from the registrant's page (IND2-1478)
  • FIX Category page not synced with gMeets (IND2-1458)
  • FIX Approval email being sent on reject action of an approved participant (IND2-1243)
7 Apr 2021

indico.UN V2.3.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.3.0) has been released on 7th April at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • C-Cure integration step 2 (IND2-1330)
  • miss indicator on approval/rejection indicator on the registration history (IND2-1308)
  • NGO accredited indication (step 1) (IND2-1244)
  • Aggregated registrant list (IND2-954)
  • Improve LoP templating (IND2-1394)
  • Implementation of UNEP LoP (IND2-1324)
  • UNECE custom LoP (IND2-1322)
  • Custom List of Participants (LoP) for UNODC/SGB category. (IND2-1011)
  • BUGFIX Not possible to add secondary emails (IND2-1399)
  • BUGFIX Traceback accessing non-available self-registrations (IND2-1313)
  • BUGFIX registration history leads to 404 (IND2-1307)
  • BUGFIX Unable to sort LoP using the rank. (IND2-1304)
  • BUGFIX Recipients field shows incorrect e-mail addresses while sending bulk e-mails. (IND2-1252)
10 Mar 2021

Indico.UN V2.2.0 released

Indico.UN Version 2.2.0 has been released on 10th  March at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Delete users(IND2-1329)
  • Regilist optimization step 1(IND2-1315)
  • Add additional page size and format in the badge printing configuration. (IND2-1294)
  • User Profile merge(IND2-1287)
  • Change username when set primary email(IND2-1286)
  • RepTypelist for NGO for CEB (3rd Intersessional Meeting)(IND2-1256)
  • C-Cure integration step 1(IND2-1230)
  • Representation Type UI(IND2-579)
  • BUGFIX AttributeError 'Event' object has no attribute 'use_ccure' when approving registrants(IND2-1326)
  • BUGFIX HOTFIX Wrong value for "interprefy_username" (Interprefy link)(IND2-1325)
  • BUGFIX Wrong Interprefy link in some cases(IND2-1323)
  • BUGFIX Error report related to uploading picture(IND2-1299)
  • BUGFIX Can't Update Organisation for Registrars(IND2-1295)
  • BUGFIX Traceback registering event and update user profile(IND2-1282)
  • BUGFIX Registrations of users registered in V1 events don't appear in the search results(IND2-1210)
  • BUGFIX The registration list contains more users than the only one added to the event (V1)(IND2-1209)
  • BUGFIX Invalid salt(IND2-1208)
  • BUGFIX sending "Invitations" without "affiliation"(IND2-1108)
  • BUGFIX Security officer is unable to access the events displayed under the registrants' history(IND2-1107)
  • BUGFIX Non-approved NGO disabled allows registration with non-approved NGO(IND2-1061)
  • BUGFIX Data base error on V2 reg demo environment(IND2-1026)
  • BUGFIX Error adding chairperson 'int' object has no attribute 'strip'(IND2-942)
  • BUGFIX Protected and Visible events is not shown to anonymous users at the calendar view(IND2-651)
  • BUGFIX Link for UNEP Interprefy(IND2-1276)
  • BUGFIX There is no switch “Migrated to V2” within the category settings(IND2-1264)
  • BUGFIX Registrar cannot approve a Participant for CSW 65(IND2-1349)
  • BUGFIX Statistics V1 not working anymore(IND2-1337)
  • BUGFIX Montly stats empty (V1)(IND2-1335)
27 Jan 2021

Indico.UN V2.1.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.1.0) has been released on 26th Jan at 07:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Disable HTTP API (IND2-1226).
  • Focal point unable to view assigned rep types (IND2-1249)
  • Custom representation types for the UNCCD-CRIC19 (IND2-1215)
  • Role UI add code based permissions (IND2-1213)
  • Role UI rename role (IND2-1212)
  • Event created in V1 does not appear under the category (IND2-1211)
  • Custom Representation type for UNIS and MALU. (IND2-1206)
  • File not being uploaded at the registration form (IND2-1197)
  • Traceback accessing Category settings. (IND2-1194)
  • Custom Representation type for Crime Congress event. (IND2-1176)
  • AJAX registration form send (IND2-1142)
  • Prevent participant to modify his/her registration after approval. (IND2-1110)
  • Add timestamp and datestamp of the account creation and last logged-in by the user. (IND2-1073)
  • Optimize the registrant list - Picture (IND2-1002)
  • Prevent Focal Points to change registration data if registrant is approved (IND2-992)
  • UNEP Nairobi Representation Types for Indico Version 2 (IND2-973)
  • Permission management UI (IND2-900)
  • Conditions for opening registration (IND2-355)
  • Disallow user registration modifications after moderation (approved/rejected) (IND2-353)
  • BUGFIX Unable to change the category of v1 event (IND2-1242)
  • BUGFIX Changing the language when in an event on V1 returns an error page (IND2-1233)
  • BUGFIX Disable HTTP API results (IND2-1226)
  • BUGFIX Tags appear several times if they were already added (IND2-1167)
  • BUGFIX Registrar's permissions email, tags (IND2-1166)
  • BUGFIX Show past events for "Event" subcategory (IND2-1160)
  • BUGFIX Restore the periodic e-mail sending (IND2-1179)
  • BUGFIX IOError importing focal points to a category (IND2-1136)
  • BUGFIX Registrant should be able to withdraw their registration regardless of the status (IND2-1089)
  • BUGFIX Unable to allocate some NGO to delegates (IND2-1048)
  • BUGFIX Unable to hyperlink a word in the email templates. (IND2-948)
  • BUGFIX Permission denied as traceback (IND2-922)