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7 Dec 2022

Indico.UN V2.22.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.22) has been released on 7th of December at 12:40 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • AAM:
    • Add a Document Category field to customizable columns (IND2-2391)
    • Allow Security Officer to update the photo via camera. (IND2-1943)
    • Search regardless of capitalizations and accented characters (IND2-2431)
    • Ignore ITS categories from mapping (IND2-2165)
    • Keep filters, columns visibility and order when reopening the same view (IND2-2368)
    • Add reference to the templates for the note verbale in the Protocol form (IND2-2444)
    • Access restriction features (IND2-2430)
    • UNIS Vienna - changes to the AAM form (IND2-2456)
    • UNIS Vienna - Adding a drop-down field for press release (IND2-2469)
  • Analytical Module:
    • Logging category sync issues (IND2-2231)
    • alignment after the V1 decommissioning (IND2-2408)
    • disable V1 miner (IND2-2383)
    • Ignore ITS categories from mapping (IND2-2165)
    • Get rid of the Location mapping (IND2-2088)
    • New data source for management report (IND2-2362)
  • Merge sessions for gMeets-synchronized events (IND2-2420)
  • Add new badge/ticket placeholder to display the full address of the venue (Venue, City, Country). (IND2-2378)
  • Remove the “Create event" menu item from the main menu (IND2-2356)
  • Include the representation type enable status when cloning events (IND2-2296)
  • Improve Captcha with audio (IND2-2371)
  • Add the time to the date field with time format output in the registrant list (IND2-2438)
  • Remove badge printing permission from Category/Event managers (IND2-2453)
  • Enable the “profile update” section on the registration form (IND2-2365)
  • Deprecate the “designation customizations” in the accreditation form for SHP and FIPOI (IND2-2389)
  • Add the change-log for the accreditations (IND2-2442)
  • Change the URL for picture requirements pdf (IND2-2445)
  • BUGFIX: Error update/create session in eMeets sync (IND2-2398)
  • BUGFIX: Broken registration list due to missing `updated_on` (IND2-2440)
  • BUGFIX: Focal Point Excel Import without accounts (IND2-2406)
  • BUGFIX: handle broken data stream error when reading image (IND2-2386)
  • BUGFIX: Migrated event can't load registration list (IND2-2425)
  • BUGFIX: Exception on saving profile picture (IND2-2347)
  • BUGFIX: SHP badge designer element fixed text and fixed image (IND2-2415)
  • BUGFIX: Import of registrants excel with accented letters fields (IND2-2413)
  • BUGFIX: Wrong sorting in server-side Registrants list (IND2-2264)
  • BUGFIX: Missing validation setting rank in registration list (IND2-2457)
  • BUGFIX: Prevent saving registration data in DB if any of the uploaded files fails to be stored in the filesystem (IND2-2010)
  • BUGFIX: Temporary accreditations are marked as renewal when switching badge-length (IND2-2441)
  • BUGFIX: Error when revoking role assignment to groups (IND2-2130)
  • BUGFIX: Fix long-integer issue in Accreditation list search (IND2-2424)
  • BUGFIX: Focal points unable to withdraw registration (IND2-1824)
  • BUGFIX: Issue assign the contributor role while creating a contribution (IND2-2407)
  • BUGFIX: Previewing Profile picture (IND2-2402)
  • BUGFIX: Skip umoja sync If venue is removed from an event in sync with UMOJA (IND2-2355)
  • BUGFIX: Traceback while updating the arrangement type (IND2-2319)
  • BUGFIX: Users search for email less than 3-character long (IND2-2466)





2 Nov 2022

Indico.UN V2.21.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.21) has been released on 2th of November at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • V1 to V2 data migration (IND2-2250)
  • Disabling the Live Synchronised version (IND2-2372)
  • Notify User Support about new organisation entities (IND2-2133)
  • AAM - default the accreditation validity date subordinated to the accreditation type (IND2-2366)
  • Add BCC option to the email sent to participant (IND2-2108)
  • Make the QR code email placeholder available in AAM email template UI (IND2-2418)
  • Make gMeets sync working without LSV (IND2-2411)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect Room-Venue for gMeets sync (IND2-2422)
  • BUGFIX: Registrations linked to deleted session blocks (IND2-2311)
  • BUGFIX: Invalid date data in registration prevents sending emails (IND2-2397)
  • BUGFIX: Registrant list not showing updated photo (IND2-2380)
  • BUGFIX: AttributeError while importing focal point Excel file (IND2-1137)
  • BUGFIX: Export to excel Server Side reglist (IND2-2405)
  • BUGFIX: Prevent Category manager to change the representation type schema (IND2-2429)
  • BUGFIX: Unique constraint while importing invitations if the user is already invited (IND2-2392)
  • BUGFIX: Displaying issues with Sessions in registrations list (IND2-2360)
  • BUGFIX: Impossible to clone events containing ACL entries associated with non-Indico users (IND2-2423)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when importing focal points via Excel (IND2-2396)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when mandatory column is missing in invitation Excel import (IND2-2394)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled exception when importing empty Excel file (IND2-2395)
5 Oct 2022

Indico.UN V2.20.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.20) has been released on 5th of October at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Expose the `Client sub-entity level 2` from ADB to Webservice (IND2-2373)
  • Update default email for DaS (IND2-2364)
  • Location widget - address field message (IND2-2144)
  • Show “Create conference” to category managers only (IND2-2356)
  • reply-to e-mail header (IND2-1010)
  • Implement the logical deletion for reptype lists (IND2-2350)
  • Improve Excel upload security (IND2-2339)
  • Registration-form based participant import "template" (IND2-2103)
  • Disable badge printing for legacy events (IND2-2349)
  • Add string length validation in organization name field in registration form representation type section (IND2-2189)
  • Add file size limit validation to file field in the registration form ahead of sending. (IND2-2123)
  • Access Authorisation Module:
    • Set ground pass field mandatory only for renewal (IND2-2243)
    • Make the default email sender in Email notifications configurable (IND2-2369)
    • Modification in the workflow for automatic renewal of LT accreditations (IND2-2313)
    • Re-submit the documents while applying for renewal (IND2-2242)
    • Add Approval date to Accreditation list (IND2-2155)
  • AAM: necessary changes for SHP, FIPOIS, UNOG Protocol onboarding (available from 16th October)
    • Create a static accreditation form for Permanent missions members' long term accreditations (IND2-2192)
    • Create a static accreditation form SHP contractors for temporary and long-term (IND2-2154)
    • Implement the Short URL feature for AAM (IND2-2261)
    • Allow SHP managers to create organizations and assign Organization Focal points (IND2-2153)
    • Allow organization Focal points to submit a long-term or short term accreditation request on behalf of contractors (IND2-2160)
  • BUGFIX: NGO list synchronization failure with (IND2-1403)
  • BUGFIX: Events coming from gMeets containing invalid characters make the synchronisation to fail (IND2-2152)
  • BUGFIX: Session names displayed in SessionsSection are incomplete (IND2-2359)
  • BUGFIX: Participant list templates referencing inexistent fields raises unhandled exception (IND2-2000)
7 Sep 2022

Indico.UN V2.19.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.19.0) has been released on the 7th of September at 12:30 PM (CET)

Release notes:

  • Remove the Palais des Nations map from the UN Event Pass on Indico for Version 1 events (IND2-2340)
  • Add the Umoja event code field as email placeholder (IND2-2205)
  • Configure badge printing margins and related settings to be saved at the Category level (IND2-2114)
  • Handle unhandled exceptions on the Zoom plugin for closed meetings (IND2-2269)
  • Umoja city synchronization (IND2-1845)
  • Indico.UN to send a new event title to Umoja when the event gets deleted (IND2-2233)
  • Add state/province information to cities for disambiguation (IND2-2324)
  • BUGFIX: Event closed indication is not shown on the event list inside a category (IND2-2246)
  • BUGFIX: Unexpected Exception when printing badge (IND2-2092)
  • BUGFIX: Some tickets are considered badges and trigger an unhandled exception when approving participants (IND2-2320)
  • BUGFIX: Arrangement type is not copied when cloning an event (IND2-2258)
  • BUGFIX: Exception "no row was found" when cloning Kiosk (IND2-2300)
  • BUGFIX: User with Zoom Manager role cannot create Zoom room (IND2-2293)
  • BUGFIX: remove trailing spaces on the email address to avoid duplicates at excel import (IND2-2316)
  • BUGFIX: Fix reptype validator at Excel import (IND2-2301)
  • BUGFIX: Excel import country fields don't link to the correct country (IND2-2305)
  • BUGFIX: Missing validation for badge type on registration Excel import (IND2-2252)
  • BUGFIX: The zoom plugin can't find the enterprise email address (IND2-2270)
  • BUGFIX: Excel import fails when date columns are interpreted as integer (IND2-2213)
  • BUGFIX: Skip NGO synchronization when DESA's website is not accessible (IND2-2351)
3 Aug 2022

Indico.UN V2.18.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.18) has been released on 3rd of August at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Order list of countries alfabetically (IND2-2260)
  • Better Zoom API error handling on room creation when the referral event is over (IND2-2271)
  • Limit the display of registrants in the participant list to approved registrants only (IND2-2099)
  • Configure which representation types to display in the participant list (IND2-2100)
  • Media accreditation link on events overview (IND2-2184)
  • AM: Improve event series UI (IND2-2244)
  • Add default picture to the registration imported via Excel upload (IND2-2209)
  • BUGFIX: Error printing badge when badge settings cache is missing (IND2-2236)
  • BUGFIX: Create-edit Restricted Zoom room error (IND2-2237)
  • BUGFIX: “Bogus escape error” on list of accreditations (IND2-2235)
  • BUGFIX: Unexpected 'tuple index out of range' exception in user profile page (IND2-2214)
  • BUGFIX: Missing registration without user account icon on client side registration list (IND2-2164)
  • BUGFIX: Restrict Focal Points access as per assigned category or event (IND2-2201)
  • BUGFIX: Unhandled Exception while modifying registration with CCure ID enabled (IND2-2272)
6 Jul 2022

Indico.UN V2.17.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.17) has been released on 6th of July at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:


  • Rename Turkey to Türkiye (IND2-2227, IND2-2226)
  • Update events' arrangement type (IND2-2175)
  • Correct series numbers (IND2-2232)
  • Import new entity list in the Indico dataset (IND2-2196)
  • AM Align DB nationality sourcing fields (IND2-2206)
  • AM create the arrangement type field in ADB (IND2-2090)
  • AAM: Allow saving badge print settings (IND2-2212)
  • AAM: Change status to trigger notifications (CCURE_Printed, CCURE_Rejected) (IND2-2240)
  • Set reptype default badge on excel import if badge is empty (IND2-2117)
  • DAS documents get copied to materials when cloning registration form (IND2-2225)
  • API Integrate PMS into API registration call (IND2-1672)
  • API Improve Registration API (IND2-2032)
  • Periodic email to conference manager when the venue is missing in the conference setup (IND2-2229)
  • BUGFIX Links to Indico News are not displayed on home page (IND2-2203)
  • BUGFIX AM: Reporting permission to deleted category breaks the ETL process (IND2-2218)
  • BUGFIX ECOSOC sync fail (IND2-1961)
  • BUGFIX Not possible to get the ticket item from cached badge config (IND2-2219)
  • BUGFIX Scheduled NGO synchronization is failing to connect to (IND2-2151)
  • BUGFIX Unable to approve registration (IND2-2247)
  • BUGFIX Create-edit Restricted Zoom room error (IND2-2237)
  • BUGFIX Sessions/timetable created manually do not appear in correct order in registration form (IND2-2157)
  • BUGFIX The representation type lists are not displayed under the schema (IND2-2217)
  • BUGFIX Constraint violation when removing list linked to a reptype schema (IND2-2003)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception when printing accreditation badge (IND2-2211)
  • BUGFIX Can’t clone the event sessions when linked to gMeets (IND2-2221)
  • BUGFIX Template not found error when exporting to CCure (IND2-2220)
  • BUGFIX Focal points can add participants even before the registration form is opened (IND2-2159)
  • BUGFIX Unable to change the background image on V1 badge template (IND2-2241)



8 Jun 2022

Indico.UN V2.16.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.16) has been released on the 8th of June at 12:30 PM (Geneva time).

Release notes:

  • IND2-383 Implemented badge previewing
  • IND2-1534 Fixed sending non-approved registrations to CCURE
  • IND2-1850 Added new location widget to events, sessions, & contributions
  • IND2-1906 Created interfaces to sync events with Umoja
  • IND2-1906 Added interface to visualize organizational units hierarchy from Umoja
  • IND2-2006 Made update pass status button appear only to UNHQ
  • IND2-2017 Fixed user login error when the account was disabled in v1
  • IND2-2029 Restricted access to HTTP API to OAuth only
  • IND2-2054 Implemented CCURE badge number workflow
  • IND2-2054 Fixed sending registration to CCURE on ticket printing
  • IND2-2056 Added integration with Google Analytics
  • IND2-2057 Synced event arrangement type from gMeets
  • IND2-2060 Hide locations for users with no rights in the admin area
  • IND2-2083 Fixed QR code not rendered in pdf attachments
  • IND2-2197 Fixed excel import when email address column is missing
  • IND2-2146 Enabled syncing category managers from v1 to v2
  • IND2-2158 Added field to configure gMeets venue ID in locations
  • IND2-2180 Ensured that links are URLs in accreditation details
  • IND2-2187 Fixed check-in when registration that doesn't have a picture.
  • IND2-2187 Added default picture for accreditation on badges
  • IND2-2191 Fixed editing sessions section in registration form settings
4 May 2022

Indico.UN V2.15.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.15) has been released on the 4th of May at 12:30 PM (Geneva time).

Release notes:

  • IND2-838 Improved performance of permission checks 
  • IND2-1112 Exclude non-approved participants from LoP Draft
  • IND2-1453 Show correct managers for 'Events' parent category
  • IND2-1793 Allow the creation of restricted zoom rooms
  • IND2-1881 Assign global context roles together from PMS UI
  • IND2-1965 Import recurrent events with override option
  • IND2-2004 Change the filename for accreditation excel export
  • IND2-2006 Fix CCURE send and receive request method
  • IND2-2006 Get CCURE pass status update from ESB
  • IND2-2006 Update CCURE-ESB status mapping "system closed"
  • IND2-2028 Enable registrants to hide their participation
  • IND2-2028 Remove duplicate title column in participant list
  • IND2-2043 Fixes the logging message for checked-in & checked-out
  • IND2-2086 Fix and append timezone information to placeholders
  • IND2-2097 Allow multiple check-in and Check-out from check-in interface
  • IND2-2097 Check-in officer interface
  • IND2-2098 Add {registrant_birth_date} placeholder
  • IND2-2106 Enable check-out functionality
  • IND2-2106 Fix bugs with check-out log entries
  • IND2-2111 Limit access to user profile from the search engine
  • IND2-2124 Fix wrong eMeets log message
  • IND2-2125 Update the event series UI
  • IND2-2130 Fix error when revoking role assignment to groups
  • IND2-2131 Fix event without kiosk menu
6 Apr 2022

Indico.UN V2.14.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.14) has been released on the 6th of April at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Change display text of Virtual kiosk to “Document and Services” (IND2-2081)
  • Add Badge Logo insert element field on Badge Designer Tool. (IND2-1751)
  • AAM | Search accreditations (IND2-1942)
  • Add option to disable registration modification email (IND2-1733)
  • Limit the on-behalf registration to Focal Point associated entities. (IND2-1677)
  • Virtual Kiosk - clone kiosks from existing events (IND2-1974)
  • Possibility to enable/disable the gMeets synchronization for an event (IND2-1945)
  • Add "pending events" management to V2 gmeets synchronization (IND2-1867)
  • registrant list: add a filter for columns/fields by “empty” or “not empty” value. (IND2-2007)
  • Track the failure of the email-attached PDF generation(IND2-1976)
  • BUGFIX Can't download the custom list from V1. (IND2-2041)
  • BUGFIX empty tag from bulk DELETE popup (IND2-2031)
  • BUGFIX Security vulnerability - remove the “Add Indico user” button from My profile -> Favourites (IND2-2046)
  • BUGFIX Keep picture rotation over the creation of the thumbnails (IND2-2064)
  • BUGFIX Badge print right margin setting not considered while printing (IND2-1823)
  • BUGFIX Badge designer Category Title placeholder show parent category in case of special category “Events”(IND2-1947)
  • BUGFIX eMeets failed for new events (IND2-2077)
  • BUGFIX sending "Invitations" without "affiliation" (IND2-1108)
  • BUGFIX Security officer cannot print Accreditation badges (IND2-2040)
  • BUGFIX eMeets V1 events not synced if migrated (IND2-2071)
9 Mar 2022

Indico.UN V2.13.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (v2.13) has been released on 9th of March at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Virtual Kiosk (IND2-1869)
  • Permission check code optimization (IND2-838)
  • Add Rich Text Editor for the reminders. (IND2-1895)
  • hide pencil icon for users with no rights (IND2-1784)
  • Hide Participant list menu (IND2-1510)
  • Bulk tag delete (IND2-1721)
  • Entities/clients interface (IND2-1796, IND2-1795, IND2-1797, IND2-1851)
  • AM: Interface for Security Officers and Category Managers (IND2-1881)
  • AAM: Add Title as a custom column in the accreditation list. (IND2-1978)
  • AAM: Change labels in the accreditation form. (IND2-1933)
  • AAM: Add a multi-upload files field for the media managers. (IND2-1958)
  • AAM: Add multi-upload file field in the accreditation form. (IND2-1959)
  • BUGFIX: Error in the accreditations excel export. (IND2-1977)
  • BUGFIX: Submitting a registration by a non-logged in user (IND2-1993)
  • BUGFIX: Error importing registration excel with columns not existing in form (IND2-1998)
  • BUGFIX: Representation type validator does not work at Excel import. (IND2-1815)
  • BUGFIX_ Registrant list language consistency (IND2-1992)
  • BUGFIX: Unable to Save the Zoom room created as a Category manager. (IND2-1963)
  • BUGFIX: Visa letter: proxy configuration not taken into account (IND2-1999)
  • BUGFIX: “Apply permission” button not available to category manager in the focal point page (IND2-1904)
  • BUGFIX: Error displaying server-side registration list (IND2-2001)
  • BUGFIX: Error when updating tags from registration list (IND2-1997)
9 Feb 2022

Indico.UN V2.12.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (v2.12) has been released on 9th of February at 1:00 PM (Geneva time)
Release notes:

  • eMeets migration V2 (IND2-1870)
  • Protect the system email templates in V1 (IND2-1908)
  • New  representation type for SHP (V1) (IND2-1829)
  • Analytical Module support for selective page view (IND2-1939)
  • Add Correspondent email placeholder for Access Authorisation Module. (IND2-1944)
  • Add short/long month label badge design (IND2-1872)
  • City User interface for admin users (IND2-1847)
  • Add Z-index option to the badge designer (IND2-1715)
  • Offline Badge details lookup for Covid tracing (IND2-1877)
  • Make the QR code work for Media Accreditation For UNIS - CCure (IND2-1941)
  • CCure export multiple files when multiple selection is set (IND2-1866)
  • Allow multiple Zoom accounts per Event (IND2-1915)
  • Use the thumbnails in the CCure XML export (IND2-1861)
  • Add "digital recordings" menu to gMeets synchronized events (IND2-1862)
  • PDF attachment template for Visa letter (IND2-1719)
  • Server Side Registration List (IND2-1897)
  • Hide category managers list (IND2-1758)
  • BUGFIX Existing users cannot be found using his email address (IND2-1927)
  • BUGFIX Past and Future event not shown in category page event list (IND2-1936)
  • BUGFIX Fields First Name/Surname not protected in registration form (V1) (IND2-1950)
  • BUGFIX Issue saving City-and-Surname-in-registration (V1) (IND2-1938)
19 Jan 2022

Indico.UN V2.11.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (v2.11) has been released on 19th of January at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)
Release notes:

  • Representation type changes for events under WHO category (IND2-1899)
  • Representation type "Member States" list change for events under WHO category (IND2-1914)
  • Add UN Systems for WHO (IND2-1928)
  • Interface to assign reporter role through Indico UI (IND2-1876)
  • Allow multiple ZOOM Account per Category (IND2-1853)
  • Log Zoom keys - account name used to create room (IND2-1907)
  • AAM: Permission denied to access the attachments. (IND2-1926)
  • AAM: I/O error on Work Samples field (IND2-1921)
  • AAM: Add placeholder for Title. (IND2-1900)
  • AAM: Add assignment type for UNIS. (IND2-1894)
  • AAM: CCURE must receives the applicant's email address as permanent and work email address. (IND2-1913)
  • AAM: Download files with their original name, not internal storage name. (IND2-1917)
  • AAM: Allow managers to modify the First name and the last name of the requestor. (IND2-1912)
  • AAM: Access dates - Remove condition on the approval state. (IND2-1909)
  • AAM Change the label of the field for Badge number under the Pass Details Section. (IND2-1918)
  • BUGFIX Registrations created from management side has approval_dt, and approved_by (IND2-1923)
  • BUGFIX The export to Excel functionality goes into an infinite loop (IND2-1905)
  • BUGFIX show yearly accreditation when selected an year. (IND2-1902)
  • BUGFIX Approval email template removed (IND2-1911)
  • BUGFIX Representation subtype error: Unhandled exception when invalid representation subtype (IND2-1858)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception on gender validation while importing registrations via Excel (IND2-1886)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception on phone validation while importing registrations via Excel (IND2-1885)
  • BUGFIX Unhandled exception on empty cells at Excel import (IND2-1884)
  • BUGFIX Unable to export the registrants' list in excel. (IND2-1878)
  • BUGFIX V2 - Unable to clone an event (IND2-1898)
6 Jan 2022

8 January 2022 Disaster Recovery Exercise

As informed to users on 8 December 2021, a disaster recovery exercise will take place as planned on 8 January from 8.00am to 6.00pm CET inclusive.

Should additional down time be required on Sunday, 9 January, users will be informed on Saturday.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Indico.UN Service Desk –

15 Dec 2021

Indico.UN V2.10.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.10.0) has been released on 15th of December at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release Notes:


  • VIP badge for WHO (IND2-1855)
  • Media Accreditations XML Export to SFTP for CCURE (IND2-1868)
  • Change the label of the Representation Type default value. (IND2-1794)
  • Improvements on Access Authorization Module (IND2-1857)
  • Export to Excel Accreditation List. (IND2-1668)
  • Store picture thumbnail in filesystem (IND2-1860)
  • Registrants list - bulk actions - set badge validity (IND2-399)
  • Restrict focal point upon registration closure (IND2-1811)
  • Skip non-existing accounts while importing focal points from Excel (IND2-1888)
  • Interface for CCure Tags Mapping (IND2-1705)
  • Reflect cancellation for synchonized events (IND2-1863)
  • Create the Analytical Web Service (IND2-1472)
  • Revise datasource of Power BI reports (IND2-1782)
  • Make PowerBI connecting to the Analytical Web Service(IND2-1874)
  • PowerBI Access management Indico roles integration (IND2-1730)
  • BUGFIX Zoom plugin does not work on the demo (IND2-1856)
  • BUGIFX Parallel sync: gMeets ID not reset when event V1 deleted (IND2-1837)
  • BUGFIX gMeets sync fails when event V2 has no session (IND2-1843)
  • BUGFIX ECOSOC NGOs marked as "Represented NGO is not accredited" (IND2-1838)
  • BUGFIX Cannot assign a role the Home category. (IND2-1883)
  • BUGFIX Focal points blocks when Excel’s list contains assigned focal points (IND2-1887)
  • BUGFIX Encoding issue in PDF generation (V1) (IND2-1852)
17 Nov 2021

Indico.UN V2.9.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.9.0) has been released on 17th of November at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • IND2-1740 BUGFIX: Fix missing Registrants from V1 -> V2
  • IND2-1803 BUGFIX: Wrong Event's end time from gMeets sync
  • IND2-1793 BUGFIX: Registration form "apply" button doesn't submit the registration
  • IND2-1825 BUGFIX: NGO badge does not use correct attributes and position
  • IND2-1826 BUGFIX: Export sessions to iCal via permanent link.
  • IND2-1726 BUGFIX: Registration modification link sent by email does not work
  • IND2-1763 BUGFIX: sync V2->V1 after manual event migration
  • IND2-1760 BUGFIX: Unable to clone an event
  • IND2-1835 ESB-CCURE NY Response File removal after reading
  • IND2-1700 enlarge Email template subject field
  • IND2-1671 Extend Indico HTTP API with the "last_update" option
  • IND2-1354 Conference Logs optimisation (V1)
  • IND2-1715 z-index option to the badge design interface
  • IND2-1804 Badges for IGF event (V1)
  • IND2-1805 Reintroduce RepType Qualifier
  • IND2-1809 Activate Timetable and display Rooms for gMeets synchronized events
  • IND2-1821 Add privacy statement to Indico.UN footer
  • IND2-1817 reptype_qualifier Placeholder for the badge template.
  • IND2-1810 Description field in the Representation type Schema UI
  • IND2-1768 Make participant selection more visible in the registrant list
  • IND2-411 Registrants list - import from XLS
  • IND2-1839 AAM: add badge ID
  • IND2-1750 AAM: Restrict the modification of the form on the reject state
  • IND2-1839 AAM: add badge ID
29 Oct 2021

Survey: Conferencing Today + Tomorrow – 2

Have you been involved (either remotely or in-person) in a conference or meeting organized at or from the Palais des Nations since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown (16 March 2020)?

 Please respond to the Conferencing Today + Tomorrow – 2 survey


Avez-vous été impliqué (à distance ou en personne) à une conférence ou à une réunion organisée au Palais des Nations ou à partir de celui-ci depuis le début du confinement lié à la COVID-19 (16 mars 2020)?

Merci de répondre au sondage Façonnez les conférences d'aujourd'hui et de demain !


13 Oct 2021

Indico.UN V2.8.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.8.0) has been released on 13th of October at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Prevent creation of conferences by non-authorized user (IND2-1731)
  • Update Indico contact link to the i-need form (IND2-1701)
  • Fix the production data (IND2-1753)
  • Refactor representation type form (IND2-1012)
  • Add "default" badge attributes for non-corresponding badge types (IND2-1772)
  • Issue Registration for (IND2-1748)
  • Reintroduce ecosoc dynamic list (IND2-1744)
  • Undo hardcoding UNAIDS Member States list (V1) (IND2-1742)
  • Add the entity represented to the ZOOM plugin (IND2-1710)
  • Add identification for recurrent events (IND2-1617)
  • BUGFIX The name of NGO organization does not appear in the suggestion list (IND2-1461)
  • BUGFIX Redirection to login page from PMS if no session.user (IND2-1775)
  • BUGFIX Disappearing sessions from an event synced with gMeets (IND2-1741)
  • BUGFIX Error creating Registrant in V2 (IND2-1736)
  • BUGFIX HOTFIX Registration modification link sent by email does not work (IND2-1726)
  • BUGFIX V1 events do not reflect correct location after move (IND2-1720)
  • BUGFIX Fix built-in validation UI not appearing in reptype form (IND2-1717)
  • BUGFIX The Full name fields does not include title of the person (IND2-1716)
  • BUGFIX Cross Site Request Forgery (CRSF) vulnerability (IND2-1704)
  • BUGFIX Last digits of the passport number is replaced by "000" in the Excel export (IND2-1781)
  • Aanalytical Module
    • Install the Analytical Module to Valencia infrastructure (IND2-1713)
    • Export report permissions to ADB (IND2-1755)
    • Improve the ADB populating script performance (IND2-1471)
    • Add CSV output to AWS (IND2-1771)
    • Update ADB (sub-entity level 2) (IND2-1746)
  • gMeets sync
    • gMeets sync with LSV (IND2-1536)
    • Setup a V1 and V2 combined gMeets sync script (IND2-1778)
    • Improve gMeets logs and option run (IND2-1776)
16 Sep 2021

Indico.UN V2.7.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.7.0) has been released on 16th of September at 13:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Add UN bodies long names to Excel export (IND2-1702)
  • Enabling right to left text direction option for text editor (IND2-1699)
  • VIP checkbox on the participant print VIP badge (IND2-1698)
  • Special QR code attribute for AAM. (IND2-1667)
  • Export CCure formatted XML as per V1 (IND2-1659)
  • Add registrant ID QRCode Badge placeholder (IND2-1658)
  • User search results sorted by date (IND2-1560)
  • Restricting approvals on badge validity criteria. (IND2-1500)
  • Integrate V2 information to the ADB (IND2-1470)
  • Enable/Disable representation types from the schema interface. (IND2-1318)
  • migrate "short_url" field to V2 (IND2-1309)
  • Invite Participants in bulk by importing excel file (IND2-854)
  • BUGFIX Registrar Reject Action (IND2-1709)
  • BUGFIX Check-in when approval (IND2-1706)
  • BUGFIX Session section can't be disabled while cloned from an event. (IND2-1692)
  • BUGFIX V1 Restricted access message  (IND2-1691)
  • BUGFIX The Action ADD TAG is not working (IND2-1662)
  • BUGFIX Notifications for registrant (IND2-1609)
  • BUGFIX Security unable to access registrants list in v2 (IND2-1587)
  • BUGFIX Sessions section issues (IND2-1440)
  • BUGFIX add reviewer to track lists (IND2-1132)
  • BUGFIX Validate focal point permissions on excel import (IND2-1109)
18 Aug 2021

Indico.UN v2.6.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.6.0) has been released on 18th of August at 12:50 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Align representation type list in v2 (IND2-1579)
  • Prevent non-managers to exploit search functionalities to discover registered emails (IND2-1675)
  • New schema redirection on RepType UI configuration (IND2-1619)
  • Blacklisted indicator in search results (IND2-1561)
  • Define registrant “rank” default as in Version 1 (IND2-1418)
  • UN Event Pass: Attach conference map (IND2-803)
  • Increase years dropdown in DateField for registration form (IND2-1676)
  • Hide the section "Update Profile" from the registration form. (IND2-1663)
  • BUGFIX Prevent registrations to be associated to a different user (IND2-1586)
  • BUGFIX Register now" redirection is not directing user correctly to form (IND2-1580)
  • BUGFIX Clone event does not clone ACL with all the rights. (IND2-1600)
  • BUGFIX An event is not displayed on the list of UNCTAD category (IND2-1601)
  • BUGFIX Profile update doesn’t update choice fields (IND2-1595)
  • BUGFIX Default badge template marked for the event is not selected by default while printing badge (IND2-1410)
  • BUGFIX Cannot submit a registration with non mandatory Country field (IND2-1265)
  • BUGFIX Issues removing V1 events and categories (IND2-1248)
  • BUGFIX Error 500 when cloning events (IND2-1679)
  • BUGFIX Traceback Approving registration (IND2-1674)
  • BUGFIX Representation type fields accepts text not in the list (IND2-1681)
  • Access Authorization Module - preparation
    • Print badges via AAM. (IND2-1666)
    • First feedback from UNOG Media (UNIS) (IND2-1578)
    • Modifications in the sections for the AAM-UNIS form. (IND2-1665)
  • V2 gMeets sync - preparation
    • Add emeets_id to events imported by LSV (IND2-1597)
    • Add monitoring to gMeets sync (IND2-1481)
    • Reset gMeets ID for deleted V1 events (IND2-1611)
  • Analytical Module preparation
    • Integrate V1 information into ADB
    • Integrate V2 information into ADB
21 Jul 2021

Indico.UN V2.5.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.5.0) has been released on 21st of July at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Flatlist speed optimization (IND2-1328)
  • Search engine speed optimisation (IND2-1327)
  • LoP generation, performance optimization (IND2-1435)
  • Show Status column by default (IND2-1509)
  • Disable email notification on data modification, by default (IND2-1588)
  • disable links to registration form area (IND2-1573)
  • Add Subject field to email templates (IND2-1598)
  • Add registrant_title placeholder for email template (IND2-1596)
  • Add Boltd font in badge design interface (IND2-1437)
  • Set default badge template in the print badge form for users who has the permission to chose (IND2-1567)
  • Aggregated List of Participants (IND2-1566)
  • Render QR code email sent to the participant (IND2-1393)
  • BUGFIX - Notification sender email address (IND2-1581)
  • BUGFIX - Search function render hidden events (IND2-1549)
  • BUGFIX - Registration modification triggers the pending e-mail notification. (IND2-1341)
  • BUGFIX - Tagging function non working for V1 events (IND2-1251)
  • BUGFIX - cannot change dates on survey (IND2-1333)
  • BUGFIX - Error removal event (V1) (IND2-1591)
  • BUGFIX - Registrant list columns shuffle (IND2-1577)
  • BUGFIX - Use of rank to the aggregated registrant list (IND2-1555)
  • BUGFIX - Issues with the registrant picture at the registrant list (IND2-1311)
  • BUGFIX - NGO quota limit can be exceeded (IND2-1563)
  • BUGFIX - Show country names instead of alpha 2 in the registrant list (IND2-1512)
  • BUGFIX - Conf manager can't access badge preview (IND2-1584)
  • AAM:
    • Custom email templates on rejection for UNHQ Delegates. (IND2-1495)
    • French version. (IND2-1491)
    • Long-term accreditation - Renewal request. (IND2-1487)
    • Custom email templates on approval. (IND2-1485)
    • Second feedback from UNHQ Media (IND2-1570)
23 Jun 2021

indico.UN V2.4.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.4.0) has been released on 23rd of June at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Update Indico core to 2.3 (IND2-1376)
  • UNECE custom LOP (IND2-1322)
  • Implementation of UNEP lop (IND2-1324)
  • UNEP registrant list need Reptype qualifier (IND2-1449)
  • Help portal link (IND2-1416)
  • Badge Validity setup (IND2-1139)
  • Display message approving registration whereas badge validity is set session-based with no session seleted (IND2-1493)
  • LoP customization mecanism improvement (IND2-1423)
  • Custom LoP for GAEAD (IND2-1298)
  • Modification in the custom LoP for GAEAD (IND2-1539)
  • Record all printed badges (IND2-615)
  • Reason for rejection (IND2-1117)
  • Option to hide the representation type section in the registration form(IND2-1531)
  • Option to disable automatic notification on approve/reject (IND2-1123)
  • Change "Black listed" label to "Watchlisted" (IND2-1548)
  • Change profile picture from registration picture (IND2-1499)
  • CCURE integration Step 2 (IND2-1534)
  • Add Session section to the registrant list (IND2-1537)
  • FIX V1 approved registrant doesn't show up as "approved" (IND2-1476)
  • FIX Unable to set event as unmoderated (IND2-1438)
  • FIX The notifications sent to a registrant, other than pending, approval, rejected, are not logged (IND2-1260)
  • FIX Representation type NGO list issue (IND2-1473)
  • FIX Open redirect vulnerability (IND2-1427)
  • FIX One hour lag in the registration timestamp under the registration date column (IND2-1544)
  • FIX Non-selected registration are set to pending (IND2-1430)
  • FIX NGO restriction inheritance (IND2-1283)
  • FIX missing field in registrant list and excel export (IND2-1436)
  • FIX IGO representation type does not list the name of organization {{entity}} in the LoP (IND2-1448)
  • FIX Email preview not showing up from the registrant's page (IND2-1478)
  • FIX Category page not synced with gMeets (IND2-1458)
  • FIX Approval email being sent on reject action of an approved participant (IND2-1243)
7 Apr 2021

indico.UN V2.3.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.3.0) has been released on 7th April at 12:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • C-Cure integration step 2 (IND2-1330)
  • miss indicator on approval/rejection indicator on the registration history (IND2-1308)
  • NGO accredited indication (step 1) (IND2-1244)
  • Aggregated registrant list (IND2-954)
  • Improve LoP templating (IND2-1394)
  • Implementation of UNEP LoP (IND2-1324)
  • UNECE custom LoP (IND2-1322)
  • Custom List of Participants (LoP) for UNODC/SGB category. (IND2-1011)
  • BUGFIX Not possible to add secondary emails (IND2-1399)
  • BUGFIX Traceback accessing non-available self-registrations (IND2-1313)
  • BUGFIX registration history leads to 404 (IND2-1307)
  • BUGFIX Unable to sort LoP using the rank. (IND2-1304)
  • BUGFIX Recipients field shows incorrect e-mail addresses while sending bulk e-mails. (IND2-1252)
10 Mar 2021

Indico.UN V2.2.0 released

Indico.UN Version 2.2.0 has been released on 10th  March at 12:30 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Delete users(IND2-1329)
  • Regilist optimization step 1(IND2-1315)
  • Add additional page size and format in the badge printing configuration. (IND2-1294)
  • User Profile merge(IND2-1287)
  • Change username when set primary email(IND2-1286)
  • RepTypelist for NGO for CEB (3rd Intersessional Meeting)(IND2-1256)
  • C-Cure integration step 1(IND2-1230)
  • Representation Type UI(IND2-579)
  • BUGFIX AttributeError 'Event' object has no attribute 'use_ccure' when approving registrants(IND2-1326)
  • BUGFIX HOTFIX Wrong value for "interprefy_username" (Interprefy link)(IND2-1325)
  • BUGFIX Wrong Interprefy link in some cases(IND2-1323)
  • BUGFIX Error report related to uploading picture(IND2-1299)
  • BUGFIX Can't Update Organisation for Registrars(IND2-1295)
  • BUGFIX Traceback registering event and update user profile(IND2-1282)
  • BUGFIX Registrations of users registered in V1 events don't appear in the search results(IND2-1210)
  • BUGFIX The registration list contains more users than the only one added to the event (V1)(IND2-1209)
  • BUGFIX Invalid salt(IND2-1208)
  • BUGFIX sending "Invitations" without "affiliation"(IND2-1108)
  • BUGFIX Security officer is unable to access the events displayed under the registrants' history(IND2-1107)
  • BUGFIX Non-approved NGO disabled allows registration with non-approved NGO(IND2-1061)
  • BUGFIX Data base error on V2 reg demo environment(IND2-1026)
  • BUGFIX Error adding chairperson 'int' object has no attribute 'strip'(IND2-942)
  • BUGFIX Protected and Visible events is not shown to anonymous users at the calendar view(IND2-651)
  • BUGFIX Link for UNEP Interprefy(IND2-1276)
  • BUGFIX There is no switch “Migrated to V2” within the category settings(IND2-1264)
  • BUGFIX Registrar cannot approve a Participant for CSW 65(IND2-1349)
  • BUGFIX Statistics V1 not working anymore(IND2-1337)
  • BUGFIX Montly stats empty (V1)(IND2-1335)
27 Jan 2021

Indico.UN V2.1.0 released

A new version of Indico.UN (2.1.0) has been released on 26th Jan at 07:00 PM (Geneva time)

Release notes:

  • Disable HTTP API (IND2-1226).
  • Focal point unable to view assigned rep types (IND2-1249)
  • Custom representation types for the UNCCD-CRIC19 (IND2-1215)
  • Role UI add code based permissions (IND2-1213)
  • Role UI rename role (IND2-1212)
  • Event created in V1 does not appear under the category (IND2-1211)
  • Custom Representation type for UNIS and MALU. (IND2-1206)
  • File not being uploaded at the registration form (IND2-1197)
  • Traceback accessing Category settings. (IND2-1194)
  • Custom Representation type for Crime Congress event. (IND2-1176)
  • AJAX registration form send (IND2-1142)
  • Prevent participant to modify his/her registration after approval. (IND2-1110)
  • Add timestamp and datestamp of the account creation and last logged-in by the user. (IND2-1073)
  • Optimize the registrant list - Picture (IND2-1002)
  • Prevent Focal Points to change registration data if registrant is approved (IND2-992)
  • UNEP Nairobi Representation Types for Indico Version 2 (IND2-973)
  • Permission management UI (IND2-900)
  • Conditions for opening registration (IND2-355)
  • Disallow user registration modifications after moderation (approved/rejected) (IND2-353)
  • BUGFIX Unable to change the category of v1 event (IND2-1242)
  • BUGFIX Changing the language when in an event on V1 returns an error page (IND2-1233)
  • BUGFIX Disable HTTP API results (IND2-1226)
  • BUGFIX Tags appear several times if they were already added (IND2-1167)
  • BUGFIX Registrar's permissions email, tags (IND2-1166)
  • BUGFIX Show past events for "Event" subcategory (IND2-1160)
  • BUGFIX Restore the periodic e-mail sending (IND2-1179)
  • BUGFIX IOError importing focal points to a category (IND2-1136)
  • BUGFIX Registrant should be able to withdraw their registration regardless of the status (IND2-1089)
  • BUGFIX Unable to allocate some NGO to delegates (IND2-1048)
  • BUGFIX Unable to hyperlink a word in the email templates. (IND2-948)
  • BUGFIX Permission denied as traceback (IND2-922)