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From: 19 February 2021
To: 09 April 2021
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In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, and taking into account the latest guidance from the United Nations Secretary-General and the World Health Organization (WHO), the Forum Session will take place in a hybrid format with mostly virtual (online) meetings. In-person meetings at UN Headquarters in New York will only take place at the opening and closing meetings, with limited in-person participation of Forum members and Member States. All other attendees will participate via an online platform. Participation of indigenous peoples’ organizations and civil society will not be possible in-person and will take place only online. For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/unpfii20-en. The deadline to register is 2 April 2021.

For all participants For Conference Focal Points (ONLY for NGOs with ECOSOC status, Indigenous Peoples' Organizations and academics that have participated at previous sessions of the Permanent Forum:
Por favor vea nuestras guías rápidas sobre:

Para todos los participantes: Para los coordinadores de conferencias de Indico (SOLAMENTE Para ONGs con estatus consultivo de ECOSOC, organizaciones de pueblos indígenas y la academia que ya han participado en sesiones anteriores del Foro Permanente)
Veuillez consulter nos guides rapides sur:

Pour tous les participants: Pour les coordinateurs de conférence dans Indico (SEULEMENT pour les ECOSOC ONG, Organisations de peuples autochtones et institutions académiques qui ont participé aux sessions de l’Instance Permanente sur les Questions Autochtones)
This registration period is now over.