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Registration Form

Opened 26 Apr 2018
Closed 19 Jun 2018

Organizations in ECOSOC Consultative Status

In addition to registering through this registration form, organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC must request grounds passes to attend the HLPF. These passes should be requested as soon as possible, and no later than 28 June 2018. Organizations that are in consultative status with ECOSOC can request up to 9 temporary grounds passes at a time, in addition to 7 annual grounds passes. These passes need to be requested through the Integrated Civil Society Organizations System (iCSO). More information on how to request grounds passes can be found on the website:

Organizations on the CSD Roster

Organizations on the CSD Roster must use this registration form to request temporary grounds passes for the HLPF. CSD Roster organizations can request up to 5 temporary grounds passes. Once the registration is approved, a confirmation will be sent. Information on how to obtain temporary grounds passes for organizations on CSD Roster will be sent to approved participants after registration is closed.

Organizations registering through Major Groups and Other Stakeholders organizing partners

Please do not use this form.

Registration is closed
The registration period has passed.