UNODC perspective: access to health for people who use drugs and in prisons

Room XXIV (Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland)


Palais des Nations


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This event follows the recent meeting organized by the Commission of Narcotic Drugs to address access to controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes and the feedback that was received from the Geneva ecosystem regarding the importance of providing more information about the health and human rights mandates of UNODC. It also follows on to the annual thematic discussions of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, that will be held from 21-22 of September 2022 in Vienna on “Responses not in conformity with the three international drug control conventions and not in conformity with applicable international human rights obligations pose a challenge to the implementation of joint commitments based on the principle of common and shared responsibility”, which also focus on the health and human rights related mandates of UNODC.

The programme will include global, as well as regional and country specific experiences showing the importance of data collection and monitoring for drugs policy making, and how science-based interventions increase access to vital health and social protection services for people who use drugs and in prisons.