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BWC Formal Consultative Meeting

Room XX (Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland)

Room XX

Palais des Nations

Room XXVI on 5-7 & 9 September 2022

BWC Formal Consultative Meeting

The opening session of the Formal Consultative Meeting will be convened by the Depositaries of the Convention on 26 August 2022 in Room XX in the E Building of the Palais des Nations. This will be a brief procedural session to open the Meeting and it will be immediately suspended once opened. This session will take place without interpretation. The Meeting will then resume over four days on 5, 6, 7 and 9 September 2022 in Room XXVI in the E Building with full interpretation (8 September 2022 is a UN holiday and no meetings will take place on that day).

The Meeting will be chaired by Ambassador Dr. György Molnár of Hungary. Six vice-chairs will be elected, three from the Group of the Non-Aligned Movement and Other States Parties to the BWC, two from the Western Group and one from the Eastern European Group. The coordinators of the respective regional groups have been requested to provide nominations for these office-holders to the Implementation Support Unit by 26 August for communication to all States Parties.

The rules of procedure of the Eighth Review Conference (BWC/CONF.VIII/2) will apply mutatis mutandis to the Formal Consultative Meeting.

The Meeting will be closed and only open to representatives of States Parties and Signatory States. It will be an in-person meeting and will not be publicly broadcast. Summary records will not be prepared.

BWC Formal Consultative Meeting
BWC Implementation Support Unit
  • Friday, 26 August
    • 09:30 10:00
      BWC Formal Consultative Meeting